About Us

The Roger and Ruth Anderson Architecture Center is dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and related design.
Immanuel Hall

Home of the Roger and Ruth Anderson Architecture Center 302 South Grant Street, Hinsdale, IL.

Hinsdale Architecture

The Center houses the Historical Society’s architectural archive collection which includes blueprints, house histories, photographs, and information on Village development.

Local Architects and Builders

Local architects and builders with work experience in Hinsdale.


The Anderson Center’s many volunteers and donors have committed vast amounts of time, talent and resources to shape this unique community asset.


The Center provides information, covering building styles, interior elements, architect biographies, home maintenance, “green” housing, and information on new architectural products.

Contact Us

For more information about the Center’s programs and opportunities, contact the Hinsdale Historical Society at (630) 654-9500.