10 ideas of wireless lamps for your wardrobe

design wireless lamps

If you rent your home or you have a small budget, installing lighting in your cabinets may not be one of your priorities. And yet the lighted cabinets are so much more practical!

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In case you have to use a flashlight every time you want to find a garment in your wardrobe, you definitely need an easier solution. In this article we will introduce you to the art of cabinet lighting with 10 inexpensive and easy-to-install ideas of lamps wireless. Thanks to LED technology, the options of wireless lamps are infinite!

Modern wardrobe with wireless lamps

wireless lamps cabinets

Let's start with fixtures ceiling for cabinets. We discovered the Mr. Beams MB 980 Battery Motion Detection Ceiling Lamp. It installs in minutes and detects your movements from a few meters away and then turns off automatically. Another lamp the Fulcrum 30015 9-LED lamp uses new technology to illuminate your cabinet. It attaches to the ceiling using screws or mounting tape.

Modern LED lamp by Mr Beams

Mr. Beams MB 980 wireless lamps

The LED lamp with battery and remote control by Pegasius is another practical solution for your cabinet. Its swivel head will help you direct the light where you need it and its remote control works at a distance of more than four meters. The Ista Bulb lamp that does not heat to the touch is still an interesting proposition. It lights up with a rope and yes - it is also wireless! On the pictures you will see also the automatic LED lamp by Kedsum, the lamp with motion detector by Loftek, an original solution by OxyLED and a battery lamp by Ikea. Here are in pictures:

Lamp design by Fulcrum

Fulcrum 30015 wireless lamps

Wireless design lamp by Pegasus

Pegasus wireless lamps

Cabinet lamp by Loftek

LOFTEK design lamp

Original Kedsum LED lamp

led wardrobe lamp KEDSUM

Handy wireless lamp OxyLED

practical design lamp OxyLED

Lamp design by Ikea

modern diode lamp Ikea

Insta Bulb contemporary lamp

original wireless lamp Insta Bulb

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