15 examples of a kitchen design inspired by the steaks

modern kitchen interior design expensive model original type boat ship lazarette different

What is a galley? The word hamlet comes from Dutch Kombuis which means "ship's kitchen". Inspired by the idea of ​​making functional and comfortable a small space and important, such as cooking, we present you an inspiring series of photos from kitchen design made from the model of ship kitchens.

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Cambuse: a kitchen design inspired by the functionality of boat kitchens

kitchen large space dinner exceptional comfort modern kitchen large spacious interior deco idea

Space is of significant length, yet it is not disproportionate. The light gives the illusion of a larger space. For those who like to cook well, this type of cuisine is perfect: everything is close to you. Cooking in full comfort and even to many becomes easy. The principle of the galley is to have all the "tools" of cooking close to you and at the same time to be able to make large quantities of food for all the crew. It is this same principle that these designer kitchens . That's why this type of cooking is perfect for large families. The result is there: a deep and long space for cooking in comfort. No chaos! For its proper functioning, this type of kitchen requires precise storage. If you have a small space then adopt this beautiful design and you will be much more comfortable doing the cooking! On board !

A well-appointed and easy-to-maintain space

modern style interior design space eat appart home furniture design

A kitchen of great capacity

kitchen interior decor furniture functional furniture kitchen idea original wood family

This type of cuisine is a real comfort for large families

modern design contemporary kitchen original ship furnishings original decor wines

You can cook several

kitchen furniture interior design design wood contemporary contemporary modern leek white closet

The galleys are not luxury, but this beautiful kitchen is an example of comfort and luxury

kitchen type ship model modern style design original luxury expensive super carpet

Great comfort for the whole family from morning to evening

contemporary design fashion contemporary kitchen idea modern layout

Play with the light: it can give the impression of a bigger space

apartment design kitchen galley modern style different lamp objects design lighting fixture

A classic and practical cuisine

kitchen classic design ship boat model galley original idea

Luminaires perfectly adapted to the design

kitchen-modern-contemporary design cabbage idea original interesting interior modern

A classic style kitchen with a decoration of design objects

modern kitchen contemporary style deco idea original large depth living space

Do you like cooking in full comfort?

design kitchen beautiful wood original style different modern galley lamps designer lights

An important living space: the kitchen

idea apartment kitchen ship storeroom original deco interior kitchen furniture

A small space and a very functional kitchen

kitchen beautiful marble design kitchen contemporary different chic storeroom ship

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