15 interesting ideas for a driftwood decoration

deco driftwood picture frame

Have you ever thought about Deco in Driftwood ? Driftwood is a type of marine litter that is typically used to build bird shelters or food for birds, as well as for other marine species.

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But driftwood can also be an excellent material for interior decoration. So the next time you go to the beach, try to find this type of wood and look at these ideas to see how to make a beautiful deco driftwood .

Deco driftwood - interesting star

deco wood floats star

The unique shapes and texture of the driftwood are perfect for creating decorative room for the interior. You can use the wood floated to decorate a mirror, a lamp, make a crown for the front door or interesting candle holders. Click on the pictures pull you find below to find instructions how to make interesting decorative objects:

Hanging original decoration driftwood

deco wood floats idee design

Bedside lamp driftwood design

deco wood floats bedside lamp

boats perfect decorative for the child's room

decorative boats driftwood

Deco fireplace with a candlestick driftwood

candle holder design deco wood fleet

Interesting candle holders driftwood

interesting candlesticks driftwood

Mirror frame original wooden

mirror frame interesting wood fleet

Door crown driftwood

crown design original wood floats

DIY mirror driftwood

deco wood floats mirror

Wall decoration elegant wooden

idea wall deco wood fleet

Interesting decoration for indoor or outdoor

interesting decorative object idea

Decorative houses original wooden

deco wood houses fleet

DIY fish made from driftwood

wood wall deco fish

Decorative curtains of driftwood esign

float wood design curtains

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