2016 design trends: fresh colors and ambiance

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What are the trends in design and decoration this season? Fresh and casual: so can be described the summer style for the year 2016. Geometric and tropical patterns, bright and fresh colors, style varies and the possibilities are many.

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A space decorated in style "Palm Springs chic" or "Boho colored" style, what style do you like? Discover our selection of decoration ideas with design objects that you can buy online at H & M Home, Zara Home, Urban Outfitters, CB2 ...

Design and decoration trends 2016: tropical and chic style

deco trends modern exterior design cushions ideas

The tropical style: easy to adapt, difficult to neglect. The designers of H & M Home have created this luxurious and exotic interior. The example, below, can be rather defined as "tropical boho". Thanks to its details, such as wooden furniture and modern cushions, the decoration of this space is very successful.

2016 color trends: tropical style, chic and boho at the same time, H & M Home idea

decoration trends outdoor landscaping chair wood cactus

For a tropical vibe, but with a touch of Scandinavian design inspiration, the foot lamp of geometric shape, on sale at Zara Home, is an ideal solution for the decoration of your living room or entrance:

Glass Floor Lamp, for sale at Zara Home

trends design modern decoration floor lamp frame coffee table

Geometric patterns, bold touches of color and greenery will bring minimalist interiors to a tropical look. Below, we see a living room furnished with a egg chair and decorated with a beautiful photograph of a city, certainly, located at the edge of the sea.

Idea of ​​layout and decoration trends, idea and objects Urban Outfitters

interior decorate idea wall frame photography armchair egg design modern cushions

An easy way to bring some Scandinavian style to your tropical summer space is the addition of a cushion cover with geometric patterns. Below is an exterior decorated with coral orange cushions on sale at H & M Home. It is also available in turquoise.

Cushion cover with geometric patterns in coral color, H & M Home

idea trends deco exterior modern garden living room

H & M Home offers a wide range of cushion covers with prints and original messages. In addition, they are machine washable!

Cushions with original prints and inspiring messages H & M Home

idea cushions deco outdoor table bench wooden chair parquet wood

West Elm proposes a style of decoration always inspired by the beach and the sea, but of a more refined idea. The furniture is wooden, minimalist design, the decoration is discreet and elegant. Natural materials predominate.

Stylish and modern design and decoration idea, West Elm

decoration idea indoor outdoor table wood garden design

The tropical style is generally bright and very happy. To soften it and create a less imposing atmosphere, our advice is to opt for minimalist furniture. The white beanbag below, with a slight sheen, designed by West Elm will fit wonderfully into your interior:

White pouf with a slight shine, designed and sold by West Elm

trendy white pouf west elm trend design carpet floor

Below, we see a living room furnished in the same style, minimalist and fresh, with natural wood furniture and cushions Zara Home :

Idea of ​​decoration and development of Zara Home

trends deco design cushions idea plant pot flowers wooden bench

Colorful accents and a glamorous side: this is what defines the style "Palm Springs chic". Invite the spirit of Californian beaches into your garden by installing this chaise-longue with a black and white striped cushion:

Lounge chair with striped cushion in black and white by CB2

outdoor landscaping pool area chaise-longue wood stripes black white

Bright colors are a must if you want to create a tropical atmosphere in your garden or inside your living space. CB2 offer a wide range of design objects in bright colors, but we were particularly drawn to this cube-planter in orange:

Orange cube planters, CB2

trendy deco design flower pot bright color

A Beautiful Mess is one of the reference blogs when you are looking for good ideas of decoration and design. Below, we see the room of blogger Laura Gummerman, who notes that adding a cactus (or something that looks like it) can create a feeling of Palm Springs in your home. Discover all the details right here .

Decorate with cacti to bring some Palm Springs home, source A Beautiful Mess

deco idea interior frames plant oily cactus shelves wood

In the same room, we see the glamorous side of the Palm Springs style: the brass accents. The wallpaper catches the eye immediately.

Interior designed by blogger Laura Gummerman

interior decoration trend table night lamp foot plant

Below is a collection of cushions, titled Palm Springs Throw , designed by the creator Jonathan Adler . Embroidery cushions are cotton and sewn by hand:

Cushions with handmade embroidery, design Jonathan Adler

idea living room sofa couch cushions bookcase deco

This brass light is very elegant. It is perfect for white walls as well as walls and colored spaces. Refreshing and perfect for the summer!

Brass lighting, idea A Beautiful Mess

dining room deco lighting modern trendy design

Finally, we will see how to arrange and decorate a space in Boho style. Defined by its colorful accents and festive motifs, this style creates a welcoming environment for summer. Here is a preview of this casual and chic look from Zara Home :

Boho style exterior: casual and chic

outdoor space landscaping idea pool trend bench garden cushions

For those who want to invite the tropical spirit with small touches, Zara Home offers this colorful stool. It will add the right amount of color and eclectic style to your interior:

Eclectic colored stool, Zara Home

idea interior decorating trend stool wood carpet floor zara

It's even easy to create a colorful Boho style in the bathroom with these brightly colored towels from Zara Home. To learn how to get this look, click right here .

Colorful Boho style for the bathroom

idea bathroom decoration colorful napkins trend

This coffee table, made with mango wood, is on sale on the site of Urban Outfitters . Its rustic side is perfect for Boho-inspired interiors.

Coffee table made with mango wood, Urban Outfitters

indoor living room trend table wood carpet floor sofa cushions

In one previous article we have already mentioned that macrame is again very trendy. At Urban Outfitters, you can find this mural macramé designed by Hanging Yelena:

Macrame wall designed by Hanging Yelena, Urban Outfitters

macrame wall deco design idea plant cushions chair

For a cool and romantic side, why not opt ​​for these metal candle holders that are on sale at H & M Home. They are available in dark gray, turquoise and white.

Candlesticks, H & M Home

deco idea trend candle holder blue decoration suspension modern trend

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