2019 Trend Wallpaper - explore our Wall Deco Ideas and Favorites for the coming year!

trend wallpaper 2019 idee-deco-mural-design

What are the trends in wall decor for the coming year? And how to use a wallpaper to give more personality to his living space?

Trend Wallpaper 2019 - discover our ideas and favorites for the next twelve months!

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The end of 2018 is a good time to take a look at home decor trends for the next twelve months. Today, we turn to those concerning the wall decoration and, more particularly, the wallpapers. Because, as we know, lately, tapestries and wallpapers are very fashionable and manufacturers offer more and more original solutions in this area.

With the images that follow, we offer a collection of our ideas and favorite trend wallpaper 2019. Take the opportunity to transform your home!

Trendy 2019 wallpaper in pale pink

trend wallpaper 2019 color-pantone-wall

For starters, let's look at the colors that will dominate in the coming months. In this regard, it is useful to know that the prediction of the Pantone Institute of trend color for 2019 is the coral rose. It's a very special shade of pink that tends towards the lightest shades of color.

trend wallpaper 2019 deco-wall

For this reason, it is not at all surprising to note that one of the main trends in wallpaper for 2019 is also in light pink. If it is announced as the most fashionable for the coming months, it is that this nuance has dominated the fashion shows for some time now.

2019 pink-pale trend wallpaper

And that's good! Because, the pale pink color is ideal to create a trendy interior. It has a unique side without having too much presence. In addition, she is subtle, glam and elegant. A pale pink wallpaper also has the ability to give a modern touch to every room in the house. But where it seems to have its place by nature, it is in the living room and in the bedroom.

Of course, you could opt for a trendy 2019 wallpaper in pale pink color with interesting patterns to make your decor even more personalized.

Trend 2019 wallpaper in navy blue color

trend wallpaper 2019 dark blue-gold

Dark blue, also known as navy blue, is another fashionable wall deco option for the coming year. If you're looking for a trendy 2019 trend paper, look no further. Opt for a tapestry in this shade.


Dark blue was already in fashion in the second half of 2018. That's why it is not surprising that it will be so in the coming year. Like pink, dark blue is an elegant and unique color. It is ideal for creating a cozy and chic atmosphere. You can bet on the shade to decorate the walls of your bedroom, the dining room or the living room.

trend wallpaper 2019 wall decoration-blue-dark

Want a wall decoration in shades of blue that is not too dark? So do not hesitate to complete your interior with metallic touches. These will help you balance the atmosphere and create an even more chic space.

Trend wallpaper 2019 in dark hues


Another prediction in trend 2019 wallpaper gives a lot of importance to dark shades. Next to the dark blue, we will find even more similar colors in the collections of manufacturers. Black and dark gray are examples of shades that illustrate this trend.


Of course, using a dark shade for trend 2019 wallpaper is not always easy. Dark colors are known to be difficult to use in interior decoration. To embellish one of its walls with this kind of tapestry, think of it as an accent in space. Thus, you will be able to contrast in lighter shades for the rest of your walls.

color-trend-2019-wallpaper-wall deco

In addition, these dark colors are never commonplace, at least for the trend 2019 wallpaper collections. We see them combined with interesting patterns and metallic shades. In short, it is a mural that will not go unnoticed!

2019 trend wallpaper with dramatic effect wall deco


This is another trend that we love and that will seduce those who dream of a wall that impresses. Dramatic wallpapers attract attention not only by the combination of colors but also by the patterns.

wallpaper-design-modern-trend-deco wall

In particular, we see dark shades harmonize with interesting prints. You can bet on striking patterns or combinations of daring shades. If this idea tempts you, think of black and red, for example.


You are seduced by this idea of ​​wall decor but you do not want to push your decor too far? So try a design wallpaper in black and red shades and floral pattern. You could find the ideal balance between a bold tapestry and a chic feminine decor!

Trendy 2019 wallpaper with metallic colors

wallpaper-design-modern-trend-deco wall

Are you looking for wallpapers with a lighter shade, or even brighter? In this case, we have an idea for you: opt for metallic colors. As 2019 trendy wallpaper, you should know that the metallic colors will remain relevant for the coming months. And opt for such a hue does not mean at all adopt a banal mural!

trend wallpaper 2019 color-gold-metallic

A 2019 Trendy Metallic Wallpaper is a great idea for anyone looking to add a touch of glam to their interiors. The golden, silver or copper colors will give a refined air to your living space.


We particularly like wall tapestry patterns with metallic prints. These models are currently available in a geometric, floral or abstract variant. You could install one in your living room or in your driveway. The prints to select will depend entirely on your taste!


2019 trend wallpaper with geometric lattice pattern


When talking about 2019 trendy wallpaper, impossible to ignore tapestries with geometric pattern. Geometric patterns were a major trend in previous years. And they seem to remain so in 2019 too.


If you are going to change the wall decoration this year, we recommend you to bet on the lattice prints. It is a kind of geometric wallpaper specific vintage inspiration. Currently, manufacturers offer several models of wall tapestries with this kind of pattern. You will find more retro models or modern variants.


Looking for a modern wallpaper with geometric pattern? Try a lattice printed model in taupe or blue. The geometric patterns, meanwhile, could be declined in metallic shades. It's a mural idea that literally suits every room in the house. But we particularly like how it looks in an adult bedroom and in a design lounge.


Trend 2019 wallpaper with natural print


The natural scenery is very fashionable these days. No wonder, therefore, that nature-themed wallpapers are too. These wall tapestries are usually dominated by two shades. White and green dominate.


Another thing that characterizes natural wallpapers is botanical motifs, of course. The leaves of plants are very trendy right now. And that, in all shapes and sizes!


This type of 2019 trend wallpaper catches the eye and can even hit your guests. Be warned! It will allow you to create an interior of jungle atmosphere and it combines perfectly with accessories in pastel shades. The metallic colors complement it perfectly too. Enjoy it in your room, in a living room or in your workspace to get the most out of its stimulating effect!

2019 trend wallpaper with floral print


Wallpapers with floral prints are another expression of the trend we talked about earlier. In fact, floral prints, large or small, perfectly reflect the quest for a quieter and more natural living space.


Floral wallpapers are certainly not new. On the contrary, it is the kind of motive which is also found in the houses of our grandmothers. And for good reason: these prints have always existed and we never get tired of their beauty.


Currently, manufacturers have renewed their collections of wallpapers with floral prints. Thus, we find today various models, most of which have a very trendy look. The choice of colors, type of flowers and print sizes is really impressive! Feel free to go around floral tapestries at your favorite manufacturer. You will most likely find some beautiful wall decor ideas!

2019 trend wallpaper with abstract floral pattern


The interiors of natural atmosphere being very fashionable, trendy wallpapers for the coming year meet the demand of decorators ideas always cooler and more original mural decoration in this style. Thus was born the last variant of tapestry design: the abstract floral pattern.

If you already have a living space with lots of colors, this tapestry may be the right choice for you. It is natural in that it is decorated with floral motifs. At the same time, it lacks the richness and ornamentation of other floral tapestries. Instead, it has a rather abstract and graphic air.


Often dominated by neutral shades such as black, gray and white, it is ideal for minimalist and natural interiors. It will also appeal to those who love Scandinavian design. This wall decor is also a nice idea for the otherwise child's room full of bright colors!


2019 trend wallpaper with color blocking

wallpaper, color-blocking-trend-2019

Color blocking or color contrast is another trend of deco that became popular in 2018. We talked about it in detail in one of our recent publications . In two words, it is characterized by the use of an unexpected combination of colors, even opposed. Often done with wall paint, the technique of color blocking, that is to say the color contrast is also available as wallpaper variant.

deco wall-wallpaper-pattern-geometric-pattern

Color blocking often mobilizes bright and original colors. For this reason, a trendy 2019 wallpaper of this type is perfect for wall decorating a child's room. You could also use it in your office area or in a games room.


2019 trend wallpaper with animal motif


The trend of natural deco also takes another form: that of the wall decoration with animal-themed prints. Exotic, original and vintage, this idea of ​​decoration is not made for everyone. It requires a little daring spirit and a certain dose of originality.

idee-deco-to-wall wallpapers-print-animal

Formerly reserved for lounges, this type of wallpaper trend 2019 is now adopted also in other parts of the house.

deco-to-wall wallpaper-animal-print

You can decorate a dining room or a corridor. Children who love animals will be seduced too. Do not hesitate to decorate one of the walls in your daughter's or son's room.

Wall mural trend 2019 with watercolor effect


Latest trend wallpaper idea 2019 that we share today: the tapestry watercolor effect. As the name suggests, it faithfully replicates the effect of a watercolor painting. Abstract and unique, it is currently offered in several shades.

Adopt pastel shades to create a soft and relaxing interior. Or, bet on bright hues to decorate an accent wall. This versatile tapestry can adorn every space in your home. We will gladly embellish the wall behind a desk or the one in the bedroom of parents or children!



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