24 contemporary living room decorating ideas full of character

decorative living room contemporary style cozy scandinavian furniture

With this folder of 24 beautiful pictures, we continue to explore the many opportunities to create a contemporary living room full of character. This text follows our great publication on the same subject that we invite you to discover by following this link . And now, here are the rest of our ideas:

Contemporary living room deco idea: dare the mix of colors and patterns

contemporary living room decor accent wall dark color

Some owners and decorators dare to play with colors and get interesting effects. A wall dark shade can be completed with furniture in bright or bright colors. It will blend well with an ethnic style floor rug that combines several kinds of patterns. Here is an example of bold interior design for those who like to experiment with colors and accessories!

Contemporary and cozy living room decoration: taking inspiration from nature

deco living room contemporary deco cozy furnishing

For those who love the zen atmosphere and natural deco, it is recommended to bet on orgnaic materials: wood, rattan chairs and armchairs, faux fur carpets and ceramic plant pots are their friends. Nothing prevents them from introducing some DIY deco objects, such as a pallet coffee table or a floated wood photo frame. They only have to pay attention to how all the elements will be mixed inside their home for a successful result.

Contemporary living room decor: playing with shapes

idea contemporary living room furniture design armchairs

The layout of a living room and its interior decoration can also be reduced to a game of shapes and lines. Sometimes the atmosphere in the living room depends only on the way furniture is organized and the efforts made to reconcile egg-style armchairs with a square rug.

How to succeed a contemporary living room graphic style

contemporary living room decoration palette dark color white sofa

If you like graphic decoration, you have an easy way to introduce it into your living room by using a coffee table, sofa section, floor lamps and photo frames with simple and geometric lines. Black is the most used color for creating this type of accents in any room in the house.

How to combine colors and materials for an original contemporary living room decor

idea living room contemporary lounge chairs leather black bookcase

When it comes to designing a contemporary living room, knowing how to mix colors and finding a way to balance their effect on the ambiance of the living room can be a major asset. The same applies to materials and surfaces in the room. People with this kind of skill will easily mix different pieces of furniture to create a more interesting and dynamic piece.

Contemporary living room and space saving furniture

contemporary living room design idea storage cabinet leather

Our readers who live in a small house or a small apartment are well aware: modern furniture must not only be beautiful; they must also meet our needs for storage space. Wall storage is an effective solution to the lack of space, even when it comes to using it for storage of firewood.

Contemporary living room: how to use white color

contemporary living room interior contemporary decorating furniture

If you like the color white, do not hesitate to paint your walls in one of its shades, even if your friends or relatives think that a piece of this color lacks personality. The white color is ideal for walls and floors of all rooms because it allows us to play with other elements of decoration and especially with furniture.

Contemporary living room deco idea in neutral shades

contemporary living room deco modern furniture

In fact, a living room can be pretty even in the absence of brightly colored accents. In this case, the room will be welcoming and peaceful, especially if it is accompanied by cozy sofas, upholstered surfaces and plenty of cozy cushions. The fireplace is a complement to this type of decor that your family will appreciate enormously.

Symmetry and deco living room contemporary small area

decorative living room contemporary home design small space

Small salons often rely on geometric effects and symmetry. Combining identical pieces of furniture, even when they are very small, brings a feeling of order and good organization of the space.

Beautiful contemporary living room decor with vintage elements

mirror contemporary living room idea wall decoration

Vintage style wall or ceiling elements, such as moldings, are worth highlighting. But that does not mean that the whole interior space must be decorated in the same style. One can very well design a stay in which the vintage style and contemporary design are unified.

The role of visual effects for contemporary living room deco

decoration of living room deco contemporary style

The large windows are another valuable element that deserves to be highlighted. In return, they will allow you to create interesting optical effects such as, for example, accentuate the oval shapes of a room. To enhance this effect, nothing better than furniture with similar shapes.

Contemporary living room sofa in original shape

idea sofa living room furniture contemporary deco

Living room and contemporary dining room: organization of space

living room stay contemporary style furniture sofa

When a large living room or a living room with a dining room needs to be upgraded or relooked, there are several ways to create zones and visually divide the space. Thus, a sofa placed in the middle of the room will take the function of a separation unit without preventing visual contact between people who are at both ends of the room.

Large contemporary home living room layout

eclectic interior design living room decoration idea

Contemporary living room deco with artistic details

contemporary living room decor modern living room furniture

The eclectic style and artistic touches are typical for contemporary decor. To introduce them easily into your interior, do not forget to choose one or two objects whose shapes and colors will serve as a unifying element of the rest of the furniture.

Example of contemporary living room deco and original house plan

arrange an industrial style living room ideas

At present, house plans do not necessarily follow identical rules. Some lounges are directly connected to the front door of the house. For these unconventional cases, welcoming materials such as wood are favored and an attempt is made to create a flexible transition between the entrance area and the living room through the recovery of materials and surfaces.

Design a contemporary living room of a house by the sea

photo deco contemporary living room interior design house

If you live near the sea or the ocean, or if you are planning a holiday home, try to give the lounge a light and peaceful look but also fun. Use light colors, a few accent objects in bright colors and fabrics with original and fun designs.

Living room with geometric patterns

black and white wallpaper idee living room deco contemporary style

Another possibility offered by black and white interiors (and other combinations of two colors) is to explore the potential of geometric shapes. Walls, floors and furniture, all these elements are likely to be adorned with this kind of patterns.

Decorative living room contemporary small space

how to develop a living room furniture leather

Salons that lack canapés are rare and unusual. It is a good solution for small spaces, provided you replace the sofa with comfortable chairs.

Contemporary living room with coffee table design

living room decoration stool padded coffee table suspension

Scandinavian-inspired living room decoration

interior decoration living room sofa black scandinavian armchair

The Scandinavian decor is relaxing and elegant. It favors light shades and wood elements but also allows decorative objects in contrasting colors, such as red and black.

Contemporary living room decor and landscaping

living room living room picture contemporary house

To complement the decor of a living room, also think of arranging its corners by means of an armchair, a plant, a light or any other interesting object that can be placed next to a fireplace.

Symmetrical contemporary living room decoration

contemporary living room furniture

Contemporary living room deco idea with symmetrical patterns by Chango & Co

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