25 wallpaper ideas to decorate the nursery


Are you a fan of wallpapers ? Did you have it in the room when you were little? Well, we are pleased to announce that wallpapers have come a long way and currently have nothing in common with those of the 80s and 90s of the previous century.

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We are lucky because they were very difficult to pose and remove and, in addition, they had obsolete designs, sometimes kitsch. Fortunately, many of the contemporary wallpaper models are self-adhesive and even reusable. Their designs and patterns are so versatile that there is something for every taste. Examine our 25 wallpaper ideas for decorate the nursery and create a wonderful atmosphere in this essential piece of the house.

Wallpaper ideas for the mixed room

mixed-room-child wallpaper ideas

The wallpapers with floral motifs or polka dots are very suitable for a romantic, country chic or vintage style girl room. Owls, cubs and penguins are favorite motives for children of both sexes. Animals, in general, are coveted by girls as well as boys. Thus, by choosing a specific color, you can create a girl's room, a boy's room or a neutral space, suitable for both sexes. A bird wallpaper in blue and red, for example, is the perfect choice for the mixed room, as well as a circus-themed model in neutral colors.

Circus theme retro wallpaper ideas

wallpaper-room child-theme-circus

Retro spirit patterns and colors are very trendy right now. Stylized robots, cute animals in orange, teal, capri blue and others, are well suited for the kids room and have great teasing spirit. They can also remind you of moments of your own childhood!

Cartoon wallpaper by Domestic


Wallpaper in sky blue and white in Scandinavian children's room

wallpaper-room child-Scandinavian

Patterned stripe for girls


Super nice robots for boys


Wallpaper penguins super nice

penguin child room wallpaper ideas

African butterflies and animals in neutral colors

neutral child room wallpaper ideas


wallpaper-room child-cubs-pastel

wallpaper-room child-girls-boys

wallpapers kids room-sailboat

bedroom-child-unisex wallpaper ideas

bedroom-child-unisex wallpaper ideas

room-child-robots wallpaper ideas


Wallpaper ideas by Wallpaper from the 70s:

wallpaper-room child-Royal-Birds

Means of transport have always fascinated boys


Super nice polka dot pattern


Cute owls in retro colors

idea-wallpaper-room child-owls

Kordia kids room wallpaper ideas

idea-wallpaper-room-child Felicia


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