3d epoxy floor covering for a magical interior decor

flooring 3d epoxy deco bathroom

It does not matter if you have a flooring in wood, laminate or even rubber. It is certainly not comparable to the realistic 3D epoxy floor covering that will be discussed in this article.

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These are the coatings of the company Imperial Interiors , for example, and many others that incorporate oblique images with multiple translucent layers to achieve the famous 3d effect. The result? Plants, animals, fish, corals and even waves that pop up from the ground as you enter the room.

3d epoxy floor covering: idea for the living room

3d epoxy floor covering idea

The place that seems most appropriate to use these floor coverings 3d is the bathroom. Especially because you can find a lot of coatings with coral reef scenes perfect for the decoration of this piece. You can also choose an image and this image will then be printed on a special printer and adjusted to the size and architecture of the glass pane.

3d design floor covering for the bathroom

original floor covering bathroom

The bathroom is a good start, but there are still many wonderful things you can do with this flooring if you want a creative decor also in the other rooms of your interior. And if you really like this idea, then why not apply it to the room where you spend the most time - cooking. On the pictures below you will see many kitchens decorated with palms and blue skies in addition to the soils with coral reefs. Do not hesitate to go see the pictures to the end to find original ideas with the floor covering 3d for all the rooms of your interior:

Modern design living room with 3d flooring

epoxy floor covering idee salon

3D deco floor deco idea

epoxy floor covering 3d ideas

Original design bathroom with 3d flooring

flooring 3d epoxy idee bathroom

3D flooring with fish

3d floor covering

3d flooring for the kitchen

3d modern floor covering

Bathroom with floor covering of interesting design

bathroom floor covering

Original design hallway with 3d flooring

flooring 3d hallway

floor covering 3d deco office

flooring 3d deco toilet

3d design floor covering

flooring 3d epoxy bathroom

flooring 3d idee deco

coating modern floor idea

flooring 3d living room

floor covering 3d ideas

flooring 3d room

floor covering 3d original design

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