3D vases turn plastic bottles into a design object

vases 3d design printer plastic bottles recycle

The Italian studio Libero has created vases, manufactured with a printer 3D , which turn plastic bottles into design objects. Often considered highly polluting, plastic bottles can finally be recycled and reused in a convenient and easy way!

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A new life for plastic bottles with these designer vases by Libero

vases design 3D printing trend modern vase recycle plastic bottle

Make very ordinary plastic bottles of decorative objects design with only a 3D printer, this is the latest creative project of the Italian studio Libero Rutilo . Plastic bottles are more and more present in our daily lives. In general, they are recycled in trash cans for that purpose but why, instead of throwing them away, do not give them a second life? Considered unattractive, the designer Libero Rutilo and his team had the original idea to dress them in the true sense of the word and give them a new sophisticated look.

Vases design for your plastic bottles, photography Claudio Morelli

vase design bottle plastic recycle ideas interior decor 3D flowers

Libero vases are in rich and varied geometric shapes, all designed and manufactured with a 3D printer . It is not a question of transforming them, but rather of covering them up. They are also suitable for glass bottles! Photographs by Claudio Morelli.

What is your favorite design?

vase design plastic bottle recycle 3d printer idea

New life for plastic bottles, beautiful decoration for your interior or exterior

vase design printed 3d vase black trend flowers ideas

Dress the plastic bottles!

plastic bottle recycling recycle idea vase design printed 3d

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