3D visualization of a writer's house: elegance and poetry

Stunning 3D visualization realistic

The house of a writer has always been a concept that made me dream. The life of a writer is filled with creative moments and inspiration so what's more fascinating than to be interested in the very interior that gives birth to this creativity?

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Angelo Fernandes is a 3D artist who is able to visualize and interpret realistically what many architects can not. He hides behind this 3D visualization breathtaking house of a writer.

3D visualization that is extraordinary

creativity space with a bookcase and wood desk furniture

It reveals a passion for simplicity and minimalism, where the concrete stands out as a material both sober and bursting with character. Each piece is a work of art in its own right, but one can not help but fall in love with home office which contains everything a writer needs: a desk, a typewriter, an architect's lamp and plenty of books. We also note that the wall is adorned with tribal masks that add to the uniqueness of the design.

the concrete wall is adorned with tribal masks

wood desk and tribal masks hanging on concrete wall

The bathroom and the kitchen are full of charm. Everything is done in simplicity, with a will to remain faithful to the clean lines. Alcoves carved in the wall form small storage niches, while clever openings through the house filter the light of day and play on the shadows. This is a real gem - a 3D visualization so realistic that it would be easy to play!

the tools of a writer: an architect's lamp, typewriter and books galore

an architect's lamp illuminates the writer's office

charming bathroom with a freestanding bath and open shower

beautiful bathroom with freestanding bathtub and open shower

bathroom with clean lines and raw materials

shower cubicle without partition and alcove on the wall

a raised bed in a pure and minimalist decor

minimalist bedroom with a raised bed

two light bands act as ultra-trendy bedside lamps

contemporary art canvases add character

minimalist kitchen with an opening to let in light

contemporary kitchen with ceiling opening

beautiful contrast between the wooden worktop and the wooden cupboards

contrast between the gray concrete and the wood grain of the cupboards

relaxation area with a design chair and wooden dresser

3D visualization wood furniture and foot lamp 50s

beautiful 3D visualization directional lighting minimalist style

minimalist kitchen alcoves carved into the wall

Zen bathroom with subdued soft light

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