4 gardening tips for potted plants

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The pots, the bins and the cut barrels brimming with plants and flowers make each garden even more beautiful but can also be very practical. Potted plants are the ideal solution for those who do not have a large garden.
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In addition to flowers, you can use the pots to grow many vegetable crops. So need some gardening tips for your potted plants?

Gardening tips for potted plants

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If you're running out of space in the garden , then grow potted bulbs for immediate results. And when the plants are just about to bloom in the spring, you can plant the entire pot next to the garden border to create a beautiful and colorful backdrop. You can grow almost everything in a pot, but the main trick to remember is that potted plants can not survive in an autonomous way - they become completely dependent on your care.

Garden decoration with flowers in pots

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Terracotta pots absorb water, so a plant in such a pot will dry much faster than a plant in a ceramic or plastic pot. If you use terracotta pots, then it may be a good idea to wrap it with plastic leaving holes underneath to preserve the damp earth for longer. If you ever decide to plant fig trees, know that they will give more fruit if you limit the growth of their roots which makes them perfect for gardening in pots. They can even be planted in a leather bag and then put in the ground.

Terrace decoration with vegetables in pots

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Outdoor decoration with lemons in pots

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Original decoration with tulips

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Garden pergola decoration with flowers in pots

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Flowers in a wooden design pot

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Interesting deco idea of ​​the garden with flower pots

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Potted flowers and bulbs storage idea

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Photo of white roses in outdoor plant pot

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Flower pot and fresh herbs in vertical garden

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Potted plants and gardening tips

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Image of potted plant flowers

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gardening tips DIY pots

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