44 ideas for furnishing the house with bamboo

living room furniture

Bamboo is a plant perennial which can reach impressive dimensions, up to 40 m high with a trunk of a diameter of up to 30 cm. This explains why it is used for the realization of constructions, as well in the structure of the building as for the elaboration of scaffoldings.

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Like all species of wood, it can be used to make cellulose to produce paper, but also furniture. The furniture thus obtained brings a very characteristic note to the evocation of the East. Let's see how to use it in interior design.

bamboo is a reference to the orient

authentic Japanese decor

Bamboo can be incorporated into any type of indoor or outdoor environment, due to its highly aesthetic characteristics, available in a wide variety of tones, and their high mechanical strength. It is found in furniture of all sizes, in lampshades, mirrors, armchairs and sofas, in fact it is possible to completely furnish a house in this material which is more ecological.

an aesthetic material

bamboo laminated sideboard

In the bedroom, you can choose it for a bed of laminate or laminated, bedside tables and a sideboard, and hang a mosquito net to a bamboo structure to create an exotic atmosphere. Depending on your tastes, you can introduce it to a greater or lesser degree in the layout of a room, or the entire house. Or include some scattered items that will be highlighted in this way.

glued laminated wardrobe

oriental style bedroom furniture

In garden furniture or on the terrace, in the corridors or on the porch of the house, small bookcases, small chairs, compact bamboo sofas will define the corners devoted to reading, with a constant oriental reference. Soft, warm tones are comforting, they are usually available in natural, beige or white tones. Depending on the layout of the room, it will be easy to suggest an Asian or ethnic atmosphere.

for a library

modular bookcase design

In the living room, the choice of furniture available is vast, but often with a compact appearance, which predisposes to install more furniture, sofas for two people, a few individual chairs, for a moment of unforgettable relax, a rocking chair will be a essential element of the decor, and a focal point of the decoration of the room. In addition to the furniture, the accessories are legion, and they participate in establishing a charming and comfortable atmosphere, ranging from cornices of frames to mobiles hanging in front of a window, and whose wind will resonate with soft and mysterious random rhythms.

wide range of accessories

various accessories

The relaxing and ethnic hues of bamboo, both in white and in its natural color, also make it suitable for mountainous or coastal areas. Sometimes used in combination with wicker rattan or wicker, it combines wonderfully with all kinds of textiles, from blankets to throws to cushions or drapes, especially when these fabrics are raw and themselves from plants, such as hemp, linen or unrefined cotton.

fits very well with raw fabrics

canopy bed Tabanan

Complementary fabric colors can also be in neutral tones, such as gray, off-white or light beige, or in brighter shades such as red, orange and yellow. The carpets are also in the spotlight with bamboo, choose them also a look a little rustic, and in light tones. To complete the picture, abound in decorative accessories referring to nature, stones, floral compositions, which can be floating and aquatic, and blithely mix the elements. Candlesticks for the fire, a jar with a lotus flower or other for the water, the earth that can be sand, as in a Japanese garden, and the air that you will notice when it will swing the mobile. See our photo gallery.

the carpets are in the spotlight

original bedroom

table structure in massive stems

table chairs Surya

remarkable aesthetic impact

AST77 prototype house wall

contemporary material

Tesla living room furniture

for a natural touch

original wall lighting

good weather resistance

set table chairs garden

to create an ethnic style

IMG style savannah bed

natural and painted tones complement each other

bamboo modular furniture

the tones of the orient

bamboo varnish used bed

a resistant material

Bamboo Decorative Workshop Sache Cotture

reconcile modern and natural

laminated solid bamboo living room

technology allows many variations of bamboo

furniture kitchen bamboo flooring

a classic and exotic style

living room buffet

harmonious cohabitation of different wood species

elegant tv cabinet Matahati

natural touch in a modern style

breeze convenient view

semi-black shutters

blackout shutters

set table chairs

solid bed TSU-TSU

Infinity lounge furniture

bamboo laminated parquet

Bortoli design room

modular furniture living room

dining room design Cross Chab

living room furniture essential90 Chab

ethnic style living room

contemporary bamboo sideboard

furniture-tv shelves Infinity Chab

Gazelle stackable tables

bamboo partition japanese style

Stone design furniture

bamboo decorative element

Bamboo Forest Collection Library

chairs table living room essential 90

Essential tv cabinet

Terra Mobile glued laminated sideboard

decorative cabana hall building

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