48 golden coffee tables for an elegant decor

low tables golden ideas

The choice of the coffee table is very important for the decoration of the modern living room. Practical and versatile, coffee tables are used to serve your drinks, store your books and magazines and make the decoration even more elegant, matched with the accessories.

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Of course, coffee tables can be found in various sizes, shapes and designs and you can even customize the coffee table to suit your personal needs. Lately, we are observing that metallic details are more and more popular and that's why in today's article we will present the golden coffee table.

Golden coffee tables for elegant living room decor

coffee tables gold accents

The nuances of the gold coffee tables may vary. Why not opt ​​for a yellow copper shade table or a real golden shade? Depending on the style of your living room or living room, the shiny look you like and the ergonomic needs of the space, you can choose a truly exceptional piece. The golden coffee tables that we present in this article will certainly tempt you to give a golden shine to your interior decoration.

Design coffee table with golden base

coffee tables base doree

But why limit yourself to a single coffee table, while you can choose two, three or even four tables to have more alternatives? Surprised? The tendency to use small tables, nesting together, is very original. It's a perfect decoration for rooms in your home that seem to instantly liven up your interior and give it an air of luxury and sophistication. The examples that you will find below will prove it to you.

Eclectic living room deco with modern coffee table

lounge decoration coffee tables

But everyone does not like the idea of ​​decorating their living room with two, three or four tables that also require enough free space. Instead you can invest in one elegant piece that will immediately become the central element of your decor. Opt for a simple, minimalist model, but still elegant enough to create the perfect eternal decor.

Coffee table design with original base

coffee tables doree idee

Too many clean, straight lines that dominate the design of your living room? In the style of contemporary deco, the presence of some curves is an absolute must to break the visual monotony of space. So, why not turn to your coffee table to achieve this look? The round tables in gold finish are really not hard to find and each of them has something really unique in itself. No matter if you prefer a glass or marble surface, there are many options.

Living room decoration with several golden coffee tables

coffee tables idee decoration salon

The whole world loves gold and this is not new. It is not surprising that in the past, kings and emperors decorated their palaces especially with gold objects. The cheaper modern alternatives offer a gold-plated design that catches the eye with intricate details, curves and sometimes with antique finishes that allow the coffee table to look beautiful over many years. If you like colonial British style, Victorian style, colonial Spanish style, vintage or eclectic look, be certain to find what you are looking for in the beautiful selection of images below:

Living room in neutral shades with golden accessories

coffee tables idee deco salon

Elegant lounge decorated with two gold coffee tables

design gold coffee tables

Living room decoration in yellow and green shades

elegant golden coffee tables

Contemporary design living room with modern coffee table

coffee tables deco salon ecelectic

antique design coffee tables

idea deco living room table

coffee table interesting design

coffee table interesting modern design

coffee table minimalist design living room

round gold design coffee table

living room coffee table

coffee table doree salon

gold elegant coffee table

coffee table rounded shape living room

modern coffee table

gold metal coffee table

coffee table gold deco

original design gold coffee table

round coffee table minimalist living room

coffee table living room elegant deco

coffee tables deco room

original design coffee table

modern living room coffee tables

coffee table golden surface glass

coffee tables idee design

coffee table design living room

coffee table model elegant

gold modern coffee table

gold coffee table rich decor

coffee table gold deco salon

gold-plated coffee table

round metal coffee table

contemporary lounge coffee tables

original design living room coffee tables

eclectic lounge coffee tables

minimalist living room coffee table

modern living room coffee table

original living room coffee table

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