5 apartments in Kiev with a green hanging garden

Hanging garden in the living room

In this article, we'll take a look at three apartments, each with a hanging garden that makes it closer to nature. The clean lines and neutral color palettes of modern design can sometimes keep the surrounding nature away.

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However, when a designer like Anton Biytsev is able to take the most important principles of modern beauty and bring natural elements, it really manages to inspire life to a given space. The five apartments in Kiev, presented below, contain a lot of gray, white and natural wood, but each also has an indoor hanging garden. Some are subtle while others are more daring and flowery, but each brings a special atmosphere to the whole house.

The hanging garden brings nature into these five apartments in Kiev

Dining room with a hanging garden

The first apartment has a small suspended garden nestled on the wall in the living room between concrete slabs of industrial style. In the second apartment, it is the dining room that has its living wall. A gilded ribbon, very design, contrasts magnificently with the plants that grow from the wall and marry the artificial with the natural elements. The kitchen and the dining room are separated, one from the other, by the creative use of a fireplace, the fire allows to provide a modern atmosphere to the two rooms at the same time.

Here, the bonsai plays the role of a hanging garden

Bonsai instead of the hanging garden

In the third apartment a lighter version, almost white, on the walls opens the space. The entrance to this apartment gives the impression of entering a very sophisticated place. The fourth apartment is a little smaller, but has the same aesthetic, including a very green hanging garden. The final apartment brings a little more color overall. This is also the only apartment that does not have a living wall, but leaves the greenery from the outside shine in.

Modern and comfortable sofa with greenery above

Modern and comfortable sofa

Modern wine cellar in one of the apartments

Modern wine cellar

The apartments' furniture is modern but comfortable

Modern chair in the room

Modern bedroom

Modern bedroom

Modern fireplace design in one of the living rooms

Modern design fireplace

The fireplace occupies the central place in the living room

The fireplace takes center stage of the show

Counter with high chairs

Kitchen with black and white decoration

Decoration of the stay in yellow

Creative design of the kitchen

Sunny wooden entrance

Kitchen island with high chairs

Hanging garden in contrast with the golden ribbon

Hanging garden replaced by bonsai

The hanging garden makes living room alive

Green hanging garden

Jarsin suspended way frame

Design floor lamps in the kitchen

Design and modern bed

Marble accent on the wall

High living room

Sunny and calm stay

Minimalist stay with a hanging garden

Coffee table tidy

Breakfast table

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