50 ideas in pictures to create a garden like a pro

garden plans landscaped idea decoration

How to build a garden yourself, without having to call on a landscape ? The question is worth asking, given all the aspects and factors involved.

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Despite the challenge that this represents, it is within the reach of all those who will be armed with a little patience, persevering in the effort. There are some rules to follow if you want to achieve a harmonious and balanced result, to create a space that is pleasant to live throughout the year.

a harmonious and balanced garden

garden landscaping outdoor decoration ideas

Climate is one of the first factors to be taken into account when choosing plant species which will be able to adapt as well as possible to the temperatures and the meteorological conditions of your area and more precisely to the site of your ground. It is useful to list the shaded and sunny areas of the land to know how to best distribute the plants you have chosen.

identify areas of shade or sunshine

garden outdoor deco modern amenagement idee

You must also pay attention to the configuration of the land, if you intend to install a terrace or develop a pergola. And then the access to the water is a crucial point for the maintenance of the garden, you must have access to water pipes which will be used for the good irrigation or the watering of your plants. A good idea is to postpone on a graph paper a sketch on the scale of your land, including the living area, to be able to project the best location to plant your green areas.

role of the terrain configuration

garden entrance terrace

Be creative in this process, you can imagine a terraced layout, or choose shapes that are not regular and square, with an abundance of curves. For this, you will obviously take into account the available dimensions, and besides if you have a large lot, you can assign different uses of it. For example, why not dedicate a space dedicated to children, with swings and slide, and another to install a summer kitchen, in a corner of your property, with the development of a dining area with barbecue.

create different areas

garden landscaping landscaped green space

If you have enough space, a pergola will be ideal, as well as the design of an area for relaxation, with garden furniture, all in a studied setting of plant profusion. In the opposite case of a smaller field, it is of course useless to compartmentalize it in zones, but refer well on your plan the possible presence of trees, big emergent stones, or area of ​​soft ground to exploit at best this restricted space. You can design a harmoniously landscaped garden that is very aesthetic on a plot of 50 m², provided that it is not filled with trees and plants too imposing. In this case, prefer smaller shrubs that consume less space.

summer kitchen area under the pergola

pergola summer kitchen

The floor covering must be treated with special care, tiles , floor tile, gravels , stones, wood: choose according to usage and common sense. If you have children, a lawn will be best for falls or play. The choice of containers for your plants is also important, the plastic planters are very practical and light to move, but their drainage is not as effective as the clay, and their resistance in time is limited. If you have little room, opt for climbing plants, fruit vine, virgin, passionflower, etc. By combining different species, you will create a feeling of depth, and free perspective.

use vegetation to create perspective

zen garden decoration stones bushes

Combine species that bloom or are in leaves at different times of the year, to have permanent colorful touches. Choose a course of action, such as a minimalist garden, a Japanese garden, or a rustic-style garden. See our ideas in photos to find the garden of your dreams.

Outdoor landscaping of house with pretty open landscape

Mediterranean style rosebushes

Design green space deco with pergola

climbing plant cover

Outdoor photo and open space planning

landscaped garden bordering forest

Contemporary style patio deco

garden terraces logs wood

Outdoor landscaping idea of ​​green space

garden furniture area Aquilani

combine different species

wall retaining stones

bring colorful touches

floral composition rocks

wall and stone stairs

stairs stone terrace

create a relaxation area for cool evenings

campfire surrounded stones

harmony of materials

modern garden decoration spanish style

lavender for an air of Provence

massive lavender

a pool creates a relaxing atmosphere

terrace with pond design

a little corner of paradise

furnished terrace waterfall bench

bamboo creates an oriental style

Zen corner arrangement

the important thing is harmony

vintage metal fence

bring the aquatic element

pebble decorative basin

the garden extends the style of the house

corner campfire villa

bring a few simple touches

stone fountain

importance of the choice of furniture

summer lounge umbrella Bizzotto wood

waterbodies are trendy

idea landscaping terrace waterfall reeds

another trend, the garden of succulents and cacti

rock garden cactus

rocky aspect basin

garden circular layout

Japanese element garden

shaded garden vegetation

garden rows flowers

garden pots stone

garden composition rocks

garden planted glaieuls

access terrace steps stone

massive flower hut wood

stone wall flower beds

flower bird nest box

garden furniture parasols Bizzotto Jesi

massive flowers alley stones

aquatic plants decorating terrace

white rocks selection flowers

idea landscaping garden arches

beautiful garden birch forest

professional landscaping beautiful garden decoration

landscaping landscaped stairs stairs stone

beautiful garden decoration fountain stones

English style garden terraces

decoration garden rockery pond

beautifully landscaped water garden

modern house minimalist garden steps stones

umbrellas wide pool landscape

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