55 ideas for a kitchen island like no other

kitchen island with storage space for wine

You want to develop a functional kitchen with its work plan and storage space? Opt for a kitchen island as the deco and practical element that can make the difference.

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If your cooked is big enough, so you really should have a kitchen island. This is a good achievement that adds space for the storage , a place to cook, a place to eat and many other things.

Choose a kitchen island design and practice

kitchen island in black in a white kitchen

The kitchen island becomes popular about 50 years ago so today there are some sophisticated ones and you can find ideas to design an island that suits all your needs. A kitchen island is a room that may differ in texture, color, pattern or style; it forms the rest of the furniture by bringing an original accent of the space. To bring an interesting touch to your cooking space, choose a different style, find a chic or traditional piece and put it in a kitchen minimalist - this will be the focal point of the piece! A wooden kitchen would look cool with a metal island, for example. Take a look at some ideas below and play on the contrasts!

It comes in different shapes, materials and colors

wooden island with stools

designer kitchen islands have become one of the most requested features by buyers when looking for a new home. Having a kitchen island in your home gives you many benefits, provided you have an open living space plus a dining room. For the small spaces , a compact kitchen is a better option. For today, we've put together a series of kitchen island design ideas, each more creative than the other. We have thought that by choosing various designs, we will give you a clue about the available patterns, making the choice easier for you.

An island with practical accessories

practical kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a fairly new piece of furniture and represent a good approach when you want the stove to be accessible from all sides of the room. It is also an idea that allows two or three people to cook at the same time. In addition, the kitchen island tray can function as a surface for serving meals. Choose wisely, and the kitchen island will not only offer functional benefits, but in addition, an aesthetic effect that can change the entire look of your kitchen for the better!

Ilot shaped design

island shaped design

Designing a lunch island to your taste in your kitchen, depending on the space available, is a fabulous idea that can make your kitchen even more functional and beautiful.

Solid island for traditional cuisine

Solid kitchen island

Kitchen island with view on the outside

Kitchen island with view to the outside

Marble island in a designer kitchen

Marble island in a designer kitchen

Choose the contrast in the kitchen

Red and contrasting kitchen island

The country kitchen can also have its islet

Country kitchen with island

Tree transformed into kitchen island

Tree made in cooking island

Rustic wooden kitchen island

Kitchen island with inlaid art

Wooden oval shaped island

Rustic island with wheels

Minimalist kitchen with a simple island

Traditional cuisine with island

multifunctional kitchen island with a sofa

kitchen island as a table

Rustic kitchen with island

Kitchen island decorated with mosaic

Island round steel design

Island made of wooden pallets

Ilot in minimalist shape

Round shaped kitchen island

Spacious kitchen island

Contemporary kitchen with a large island

Ilot in used wood

Kitchen island as a dining table

Geometric shape of a kitchen island

Ilot design and modern

Kitchen of a restaurant with island

Blue island in a white kitchen

Rustic kitchen with a green island

Geometric kitchen island

Contrast in white and brown in the kitchen

Designer kitchen with a multicolored island

Classy kitchen with massive island

Ilot Ikea in a practical kitchen

Kitchen island in white and maroon

Rustic kitchen island

Ilot design in pipes

Clear kitchen with a metal island

Country kitchen with a metal island

Green wooden island

Black island with a red side table

Traditional wooden island

Ilot all in wood

Ilot kitchen design with a view

Blue kitchen island

Accessory for wine

Old kitchen island comode

Marble and wood combination for the island

Traditional kitchen island in metal

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