60 ideas for a Japanese-inspired rock garden to share

ideas landscaping house garden rock garden

How do you imagine your dream garden? Do you want it to be on the terrace, with lots of green plants or minimalist style? Do you want to have a pond or pond in your garden?

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The dream garden can take many different forms in our imagination but today we will introduce you to the rockery of Japanese inspiration. With these 60 interesting ideas, we would like to show you the diversity in the design of gardens with stones. And it is quite possible that you find there the garden of your dreams! Here are 60 images with inspiring ideas for your future relaxing garden:

Rock garden minimalist style

Japanese garden rockery decoration

The rockery Zen-inspired is a space without flowers and trees that symbolizes well-being - peace, meditation, order and discipline. A characteristic feature of the Japanese rock garden is its layout.

Modern house with garden rockery

outdoor landscaping garden rockery

The rocks in the Zen garden are arranged asymmetrically and their number is necessarily odd, often 5, 7 or 11. Most people choose stones and rocks of various sizes and shapes and then arrange groups with.

Japanese decor Rococo garden

minimalist garden Rococo decoration

The insertion of rocks and stones into sand or gravel land symbolizes the flowing water. The Zen garden can be created in a Japanese garden setting or in a determined corner of any garden style.

Japanese garden decoration idea

deco gravel garden rockery

This type of development is often found in the gardens and terraces of modern minimalist houses. But with a little imagination this can also be done in an urban apartment.
Small stone garden

rock garden landscaping small space

It's a design that is becoming increasingly popular over the years because it creates a quiet space where you can relax and unwind after tiring days at work. No matter if you are laying out a typical Japanese garden or an outdoor area with stones and green plants, you are sure to have a beautiful and original garden.

Mini Zen Garden

interesting rocaille garden deco

To succeed in your rock garden it is important to develop it well. First of all you have to get an idea of ​​what you want to achieve as a result. The right place to disperse your rock garden is a place away from the sun's rays.

House exterior with stone and pebbles

modern garden rockery house

The rock garden likes the light and the sun but does not support them permanently, especially during the hot days.

Garden Zen decoration

garden landscaping zen

Before disposing of your rock, it is necessary to take care of the ground. The drainage of it is very important. If you garden is sloping, drop the larger stones in the opposite direction of the slope. If your soil is clay, then consider adding coarse sand.

Japanese garden with pebbles

Japanese minimalist rock garden

The rock garden is often placed at the front of the house which allows you to contemplate it easily. Of course you can choose another place of the sloping house. If you have a pool of water or a fountain, the best idea would be to ride your rock garden around for a magical effect.

Japanese garden decorated with rocks and pebbles

zen design garden rock

Which plants to choose? First of all we must take into account the level of sunshine to be able to make the right choice. You can choose perennials and conifers for more diversity. Those that require less maintenance and are easy to handle are: blue campanula, heather, lavender, dwarf phlox and many others.
Japanese garden landscaping

interesting landscaping garden outside japanese

When you have finally developed your rock garden, you must be ready to take good care of it, especially the first year. You should water your green space regularly.
Idea of ​​zen garden decor

landscaping japanese garden rocaille

Remember to weed your garden in the spring and divide some plants once every 3 years. Finally, to protect them from the cold, consider covering your plants in late autumn and winter.
Interesting Zen garden decoration

deco interesting garden japanese rocaille

Finally, follow our advice to properly realize your rock garden. First, opt for stones of different sizes and your area. Then, bet on a good top soil according to the plants you have chosen. Pay attention to the arrangement of the stones in case of a slope too suspended. And finally, do not forget to take care of it!

Garden decoration with pebbles

deco garden zen pebbles

For the aesthetic side, choose a quiet place but by sight. You can decorate this space with some accessories all around to add a personal touch to the whole.
Zen garden decorated with a statue

deco garden zen statue

You can also bet for plants of different colors to give a little freshness to your little garden. You can choose azaleas and mountain pines to give more taste.
Rock garden minimalist style

Japanese garden minimalist deco

Another original idea would be to create a green waterfall in rocks, especially if you have a pool of water in your garden. You can add perennials such as alyssums but also garden herbs for their natural side.
Garden decoration with rocks

deco modern home garden zen

To enjoy your little green paradise, you can create a rest area nearby to contemplate your creations. It is not difficult to create your own rock garden, just have a little imagination and perseverance.

Japanese garden decorated with a wooden platform

deco rocaille garden bridge wood

Zen style terrace deco

deco terrace landscaping zen

Rococo garden decoration with flowers

garden stairs flowers rockery

Large Japanese style garden

large garden zen rocaille

Modern zen garden decoration

modern Japanese garden layout idea

Zen garden with bamboo

idea garden landscaping plants rocaille

Zen garden decorated with pebbles

idea landscaping garden rockery

interesting deco idea zen garden

Zen garden decoration idea

idea of ​​deco garden rockery

interesting idea landscaping zen garden

Japanese garden idea alles bois

water garden zen style

garden in front of stone

garden relaxing space rockery

interesting garden modern amenagement

Japanese garden pond water rockery

modern japanese garden idea

modern japanese garden rockery

Japanese garden succulents

japanese garden wooden bridge

japanese garden flowers rocaille

typical japanese garden idea

typical Japanese zen garden

Japanese garden yin-yang rocaille

Zen minimalist garden

minimalist garden zen fence bamboo

landscaped garden allee pierre

Japanese style rock garden

garden sand rocaille deco

garden terrace modern rocaille

Zen Garden Idea Deco Rockery

contemporary house garden rockery

Japanese garden minimalist house rocaille

ultra modern minimalist garden house

small garden deco stones

small modern garden rockery

small zen urban garden

interesting garden rockery deco

garden rockery relaxing space

rocaille garden pond water

rocaille japanese garden wood

garden rockery exotic plants

rocaille garden sea view

terrace garden rock garden

Zen modern urban terrace

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