7 captivating loft design designs

luxury elegance loft design Arrital Cucine

The loft design is something more complicated than it seems. When using furniture and decorative objects we think especially of space, because the loft does not contain any partitions .

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So, it's a very ingenious task - pay attention to convenience or aesthetics? You will see in our loft design examples that the creators have managed to combine these two elements perfectly and to create a modern, functional and creative space.

Loft design by Arrital Cucine, luxurious and in natural tones

Arrital Cucine loft design natural tones white beige

The first example you have already seen is the natural loft in white and beige tones by the Italians of Arrital Cucine . It is luxurious and quite extensive which makes it easier for designers. But when you do not have enough space, you will have to think of other solutions. You will see below a beautiful example of a smaller loft design in a very modern industrial style.

Mothiform designers did a great job in this loft

Mothiform artistic designers superb work in loft

Another proposal, this time by Nudesign, shows that the loft could be bine colored and not just in neutral colors . The designers used different tiles with a vintage look to recreate a specific trendy and retro vibe. The vertical use of space is the main tool for most loft designs and in this variant you can see it even more clearly. Take a look at all the designs we have chosen:

The colorful loft with decoration in very diverse

colorful loft with very diverse deco furniture separate space

Furniture in lofts often serves as partitions

loft furniture serve imaginary colored walls

Very modernist variant by Piotr Czech

Very modern variant Piotr Czech panoramic window

This loft even has its own terrace upstairs

loft has even own spacious upstairs terrace

Absolute minimalism in black and white by Dragon Art

Minimalism Absolute Black White Dragon Art Simplistic

The plan of the loft in black and white

modern design loft plan in black white

More feminine example with touches in pink

Example loft feminine design of keys in pink

And another more masculine proposal with brick wall

proposal more male brick wall wall stickers

Space loft design full of bright light colors

Industrial design full shade of gray furniture

industrial gis still small touches of color

smaller loft pretty well arranged and bright windows

bedroom upstairs same simple gray style

Elegant interior loft style neutral tones

Floor plan minimalist loft black white

Luxury modernity in a beautiful interior staircase loft design

very large loft design with touches nature wood furniture

Top view common area colored tiles

loft furniture the modern and stylish designs

Loft design vertical use storage cupboards space

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