A beautiful garden or urban fountain - 15 varied examples

classic fountain in a French garden

Water is one of the most attractive natural elements used in architecture. It has long been used as an ornamental instrument in urban planning but also in residential architecture.

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It is for this reason that we dedicate this article to the beautiful fountain that we will explore with the help of 15 classic as well as contemporary examples. The style of the fountains is indeed one of the features that has evolved the most since the appearance of fountains in Roman times.

beautiful fountain that overflows with originality Villette Park

sublime fountain in the park of the villette paris

At first, a beautiful fountain had a very ornamental style, rich in deities and sculptural animals that dump their beaks of water in one or more basins . But over time, the beauty features have changed. Today, the fountain that we call beautiful often has clean forms where one or two materials complement each other to create an abstract work. It's a minimalist style that lifts water on a pedestal, making it the real star.

contemporary style urban fountain

beautiful contemporary urban fountain

Of course, as our article indicates, a fountain can be found both in a public square and in your own garden, depending on their size and the amount of water used, you may find inspiration and motivation that you were missing to add a beautiful fountain to your garden . Starting from the simple fountain, we explore other rather unusual examples of wall fountains, or which flow into one another. As a bonus, you can discover below an arch that lets out a trickle of water - here is the fountain in question, original, and overflowing with character.

sublime modern fountain that lets out a trickle of water

stunning arc contemporary fountain for garden

beautiful sculptural fountain in the streets of Sydney

beautiful urban fountain in sydney

urban fountain with lighting changing at night

illuminated LED multicolored fountain

grandiose fountain worthy of Las Vegas

breathtaking fountain in las vegas

beautiful garden fountain with clean lines

beautiful fountain with clean lines

an interactive fountain for young and old

interactive fountain that pops between the cobblestones

modern fountain that contrasts with the baroque church

atypical fountain which is spread in two basins

natural basin with a central fountain

two wall fountains adorn the terrace

traditional fountain sculptures

beautiful urban fountain with terraced ponds

beautiful fountain pouring into lake in rome

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