A beautiful house in Brazil built around a tree

beautiful house with tree incorporated in the design

It is a real gem that offers the Brazilian architect Alessandro Sartore with this beautiful house n in Brazil. Many architects strive to create an interior that blends with the nature that surrounds it but very few take up the challenge as Sartore did here.

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Built for a dentist and collector of art, this beautiful house sees in the middle of his living room an imposing and leafy mango tree.

beautiful house whose interior exudes warmth and comfort

interior furnishing simple rustic style

The tree in question bears the nickname Bethany and has undoubtedly become the emblem of this house - a tribute to nature! With a hole three meters in diameter, the ceiling concrete allows the mango tree to grow at ease. Taking into account the climate needed for the tree to grow well, the architect made the bold choice not to install air conditioning in this house.

a hole three meters in diameter welcomes the tree

hole three meters in diameter to let the tree grow

But despite the high temperatures in the summer, the shade of the mango tree and the many glass partitions succeed in protecting the interior from the heat. Pushing the concept of a ecological house further, this beautiful house becomes a real feat that should inspire more than one!

rustic and contemporary marry with subtlety

superb interior exude warmth and comfort

stone wall and revolving door on shimmering surface

beautiful wedding natural materials stone wall

beautiful house overlooked by a very leafy mango tree nicknamed Bethany

beautiful house that respects and pays tribute to nature

rest area of ​​a very rustic look with wood furniture

relaxation area with a design fireplace and wood furniture

beautiful house with bay windows overlooking a green garden

beautiful house with basin borders the outside

design corridor marked by a very efficient neon lighting

minimalist hallway clever lighting

beautiful bedroom dotted with furniture from the 50s

bedroom furniture 50's

bedroom with wooden desk

minimalist desk and contemporary art painting

wire stools and contemporary kitchen

beautiful modern fireplace and rail lighting

beautiful warm interior table wood bay windows

art pop art collection

baby room with wooden cradle and canopy

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