A chic and elegant touch in your shower

zoom shower cabin stones view bathtub metal

Have you always dreamed of trying a shower Roman? No, we are not talking about public baths of ancient Rome, on the contrary, we are talking about a modern stone bathroom, comfortable and aesthetic.

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Today, let's take a look at the Roman style shower cubicle installed in your master bathroom.

Roman style shower cabin

large white bath tub view

This type of shower cabin, gives the space a look with sophisticated comfort. The bathroom is bright, bathed in natural light, thanks to the large windows. In bathroom Roman style, you do not need curtains, the walls are glass and stone. You can use a glass wall instead of using a door or curtain for the shower enclosure.

You can use a glass wall

glass room bathroom shower cabin

If you are looking for a truly glamorous look, opt for a marble and glass bathroom. You can turn your space into a magical corner, simply adding some antique furniture, such as chairs, a small coffee table beautifully decorated with candles, or a Roman-style metal bathtub.

A marble bathroom

view tub metal floor marble

If you want something simpler and a bit rustic, opt for this convenient look, and add a rug and wooden storage furniture. If you do not have enough room to create a Roman shower, do not worry! It is not at all difficult to create a mini version in a small space.

Create a mini version of a Roman-style hall in a small space

Roman style marble shower cabin

If you're looking for a minimalist and chic look, take a look at this modern and sophisticated bathroom where the bathtub is separated from the shower with a glass wall. ( vidabelodesign Now all you have to do is look at our selected examples and choose your new Roman style shower cubicle.

A modern and sophisticated bathroom

zoom bathtub chic roman style marble floor

A stone shower stall

zoom shower cabin stones

Roman style for this comfortable bathroom

Roman style comfortable bath room

A Roman style bathroom in stone

bath room roman style stones

A spacious bathroom with a view of the bath

spacious bathroom with bath view

A rustic bathroom with wooden furniture

rustic bath room wood furniture

contemporary chic bathroom

marble glass modern bath room

shower cabin Roman style

beautiful bathroom Roman style bathroom

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