A decorative vase to make at home - 25 surprising ideas

DIY vases from tree trunks

The spring e There, the good weather settles slowly but surely and the gardens begin to bloom. The markets are full of flowers and bouquets. Little by little, the freshness and the spring fill our homes.

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To bring a little originality to your interior, by going beyond the flowering stems, we propose you this article dedicated to deco vase - The one you can decorate at home.

Lace Vase : the decorative vase that embellishes a simple glass jar

original design clever design vase

Below you'll find 25 unique vase ideas that are full of creativity and most of which can easily enhance the comfort of your home. Many of our examples pay tribute to simplicity, but also to recycling . Yes, if your budget is limited, you do not need to spend a fortune to buy a vase. Instead, we suggest you recycle, for example, a bottle of wine and transform it into DIY vase .

The result is as elegant and minimalist as original and artistic

deco vase with a cylinder

You can decorate it as you wish. Dip it in acrylic paint, adorn it with glitter or draw golden patterns or stripes on the glass. If you like to recycle old objects and give them a second life. Why not reuse your old bulbs as mini vases and then drop them on a metal stand or hang on the wall. You can also use a simple vase, decorated by yourself with a fabric reasons or hide it in a patterned paper bag. Discover all our ideas and open the door of your flower house!

Beautiful DIY vase wrapped with hemp rope

rustic vase decorated with a thick rope

V ase of clever design that pays tribute to simplicity

ultra minimalist vase

M multicolored otives adorn these beautiful vases painted in white

beautiful vases painted multicolored patterns

Original vases adorned with your family photos

DIY vases shaped cylinders

Rustic deco vase, trimmed with silver twigs

mini vase trimmed with silver twigs

B utensils metamorphosed into modern wall vases

recycled wine bottles in wall vases

DIY vase decorated with patterned fabric in blue shade

beautiful vase ornate patterned fabric

a little glitter for a lot of character

nice idea of ​​recycled vases

minimalist and modern vases

original vases in glass bottles

decorative vase in the form of paper bag

DIY vase painted white patterns

beautiful vases dipped in the paint

decorative vase decorated with golden stripes

bulbs transformed into original vases

deco vase made from a box pringles

pumpkins painted with golden paint

DIY vases as a table runner

wall deco vase for a rustic look

how to turn a jar into a vase

artistic vases turquoise blue paint

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