A design faucet that does not go unnoticed

beautiful faucet design with space for plant

The Waterdream collection does what its name suggests, it combines water and dream with a design that takes into account not only the faucet design but also the water and the way it cascades.

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The collection in question is the result of a collaboration between Axor, a brand that focuses on products for the bathroom , and other architects and designers.

Water Steps: a designer faucet where water cascades from one bowl to another, creating a sculpture that comes to life

faucet design water falls in cascades

Above, you can discover Water Steps, a rather special design faucet that includes several sinks and transforms into a living sculpture once the water flows. The result is innovative and astute and one imagines spending good times admiring the water cascading like a waterfall in nature.

GamFratesi: the original tap inspired by the Japanese fountains of Zen philosophy

interesting tap minimalist style

GamFratesi above is inspired by Japanese wooden fountains. We notice that the beauty lies especially in the simplicity and the choice of material: the designers try to weave the link between the water and the nature, a link often forgotten these days. The minimalist design reflects the Zen philosophy of Japan, which seeks to marry nature and design.

Mimicry: a chic tap made of three white marble discs for a look as elegant as modern

white marble sculptural faucet

And here is Mimicry, a sculptural tap designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, where white marble is the preferred material. This design exudes an indisputable elegance and the marble reminds us, of course, the Italian luxury. Below, we find this same elegance with Ritual, a tap that focuses on water with a bronze channel, inlaid with granite. In short, this is a collection that focuses on water and lets the design fade with subtlety.

Ultra-contemporary design faucet

ultra contemporary chic faucet

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