A holiday home with a private beach on the New Zealand coast

holiday house with stunning sea beach views

Drawn by Patterson Associates , this vacation home is tucked away from the city's whirlwind of activity, in Banks Peninsula - a former eroded volcano of the country.

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Only a few meters from the New Zealand coast, the beautiful villa enjoy a cove with private beach and if the walk to the beach seems too long, you can always choose to admire the view from the comfort of your design terrace that offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

Holiday home with glazed terrace on the New Zealand coastline

beautiful villa with living room glazed sea view

The beautiful house was built with materials from the region; for example, the stone that was sourced in a nearby quarry in the bedroom as well as in the bathroom. The concrete floor was sunk on site and on the roof - grass was planted, giving the impression of a continuous landscape that extends to the roof of the villa.

Tucked away and away from the city hubbub, the beautiful villa blends into the exotic landscape of New Zealand

Holiday house with roof that blends into landscape

The residence is also equipped with a system for collecting rainwater and treating wastewater. These achievements thus making it autonomous.

Detailed view of the roof with irregular rim and the surface is covered with turf

grassy roof irregular rim

The holiday home, which can be leased , includes just three rooms - an entrance hall, a bedroom that overlooks the living room and a bathroom. A perfect retreat for those looking to escape from everyday life.

A superb view opens from the roof terrace

roof terrace ledge

Inside, the decoration is placed under the sign of a sober and elegant luxury. The materials complement each other harmoniously: the poured concrete floor, the cypress wood ceiling and the bio-sourced stone create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Modern interior where wood, stone and white-gray blend in harmony

harmonious melange warm materials

We also discover contemporary furniture, both in the set of sofas as in the choice of design fireplace and a very chic hanging chair. The palette of colors remains sober and delicate: white-gray for furniture and some brown keys for accessories.

Chic and modern furniture, designer fireplace and bay window overlooking the cove

ultra contemporary interior design fireplace

If the sofa does not suit you, you can sit on a chair very design and admire the comings and goings of the sea in peace

bay windows let the sun filter

In the bedroom, the decor is yet simple yet thoughtful - some light wood furniture, original wall decorations and a beautiful stone wall that stands out as the star of the space. A rustic side is added to the prevailing modern style and we already imagine touching the irregular surface of the stone wall with our hand. No doubt a subtle reminder of the rocky escarpment where the beautiful villa was erected.

The gray textured concrete wall and rough stone contrast with the clarity of the wood

Stunning wall stones look modern rustic

The warm atmosphere of this holiday home is reflected in the finish of the walls and the harmony that follows.

a taste for natural materials

The island bath appears as a design object, a treasure enhanced by its whiteness against the stone

bathroom design wall stones

The beautiful villa enjoys a small private beach and a cove, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, for a most perfect rest

isolated house away from the city hubbub

Hidden by the hills, the holiday home is a real haven for the holidaymaker who loves silence

residence hidden among the hills of the littral neo zelandais

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