A houseboat with a sauna on a raft

houseboat with sauna on raft finland

Finns are well known for their extravagant projects that often consist of floating saunas on a lake. Marco Casagrande is a true pioneer of this concept, but today we are looking at Saunalautta - a converted houseboat on a floating raft, rocked by the calm waters of the lake bordering the town of Joensuu in Finland.

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Finished barge in Finland: great holiday destination with friends

equipped barge with a sauna at the lower level

This is a true holiday destination for lovers of the atypical and the original. The barge is made from recycled wood and Corten steel and includes a sauna on the lower level, a cabin that can accommodate four to five people. On the upper level, there is an observation deck punctuated by a barbecue and a tower from which one can make dives.

A platform accessible by ladder allows to dive into the lake

platform high to dive

Among the many utilities, there is also a hammock! If you are interested, you can book right here . Discover the rest in pictures ...

Beautiful barge decked with barbecue and hammock

ideal peniche ideal for holidays with friends

Ideal holiday destination for fans of the atypical

superb holiday destination for fans of the atypical

Barge equipped with a hammock and a level of observation

beautiful barge on lake finland with hammock

Bedroom with four berths

interior wood with two berths

Scandinavian style par excellence with this floating sauna

Scandinavian style wooden sauna par excellence

Relaxation area around the barbecue on a floating raft

relaxation area with stunning lake views

View of the frozen lake as far as the eye can see in winter

observation point roof view of the frozen lake in winter

night view engine barge allows to move

corten steel and wood with signs as boat

cabin on houseboat walls wood small office

metal structure and recycle wood industrial look

holiday destination for guaranteed fun

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