A large dining table to welcome all his friends

Club Riflessi dining table with extensions

The first image that comes to my mind if I think of a large dining table is Marco Ferreri's La Grande Bouffe, but the similarities end there. Because food is a celebration of life, and the friendliness of to eat together with friends, or with family, is a powerful antidote against the gray days when everything seems futile.

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dining table celebrating life

dining table Leen Bakker

In a house that respects itself, the table par excellence is the dining table, magical place where the best aspects of our earthly condition meet; pleasures of the table , presence of people we care about, lively discussions, friendliness and good mood. A large dining table also hosts the highlights of our lives, a celebration of a birth, tribute to a dear departed by ending up with family, Easter, Christmas, and even birthdays. A nice big table is a little heart of the house around which we all meet, we can go so far as to say that it is even the most convivial place of the home.

the pulsating heart of the house

solid wood dining table

In time, a large table was an indispensable element, and it was fashionable to install in the dining room a huge massive table, which can accommodate the large families of that time. The dining room had a role somewhat representative of the social importance of the hosts, and functioned as a showcase to display its status or its wealth. Think of porcelain services, decorated with fine gold, and huge glazed buffets in which sparkling silver cutlery, tureens and sauciers with sophisticated ornamentation. So much so that the dining room was often distinct from the living room, and was reserved for special occasions.

massive table of the seventeenth century

antique dining table solid wood

The situation today has evolved, not only because of the disappearance of large families, but also because the design of the interior design of a house, as well as the reduction of the internal dimensions of the houses, have evolved. a large open room, in which the dining table defines the dining area. The table becomes unique, it is used for everyday life but also for special occasions, and the tendency is even to have a table with small dimensions that can lie when it is necessary.

an extending table for special occasions

modular extension table Pulcinella

The choice of a large dining table is a trend from a return to a search for meaning. The limits of our lifestyle advocating individualism push us to seek to recreate a quality of life that has been lost in the middle of the meal trays taken solitary in front of the TV. By sharing good quality moments, with people who really matter to us, we reconnect with what makes sense, the authenticity of feelings, and the exchange of points of view that may be different, but that enrich us mutually.

a table that denotes a search for meaning

wooden table with trestles

A large dining table arises as a strong element in the layout of the dining area. It can be combined in the configuration of the premises as an extension of the island, in the case of an open kitchen, or be used as a permanent office area, when the number of members of a family can eat at home. other end of the table. And does not resume its role of banquet table only when the festive circumstances allow again to exploit the whole of its surface. And who says big table, often says a table of quality, solid and stable, which makes it possible to celebrate properly, with at the end of meal and before the dessert, at the moment when the party is in full swing, and after having mismatched, some no dance, why not? And you, how do you see your table?

an extension of the island

kitchen wood island extension table

a stable table that allows you to dance

dining room table walnut

solid industrial-inspired table

vintage dining table feet style machine sew

for a successful party

rustic wood banquet table

large table with extensions

Maya wood extending table

a clean design

designer dining table

all the nobility of wood

dining table design El Dom Cassina

a vintage and design side

design dining table Kìnesis Linfa Design

in art deco style

design dining table La Dolce Vita Stilema

a flawless design

massive dining room table

rustic dining table patina

designer dining table Poggen Pohl

rustic dining table photo Christophe Rouffio

Toronto Sovet designer dining table

rustic dining table trestles

classic reception room table Villa Venezia Modenese Gastone

minimalist wood dining table

Carpenter wood table Tisettanta bench

raw wood dining room table chalet

dark wood dining room table

metal wood dining table

tablecloth tablecloth

raw wood dining room table Outletarreda

raw wood dining table STORIA Domus Arte

Woodsman Ax table dining table Duffy London

minimalist design table Arcobaleno

large design table Funksjonelt

Gong Meridiani bronze design table

New Cillo design table tempered glass

Pianca Arena wood glass design table

design table Salix Valcucine wood metal

design table with wheels view Sestiniecorti

exceptional design table Wave Riflessi

wood table Forte Vitamin design Dona Handelsges

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