A library for the living room: a must!

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The academic charm of a library that starts from the ground and goes to the ceiling, the colorful mosaic of slices of books of all sizes, walls bearing the history of humanity, in his fantastic stories, heroic quests, its dramas, its history, shelves packed with cultural treasures that differentiate us from other creatures of this beautiful planet, really a library is a furniture apart !

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Although we live in a time when books are scanned briskly, a paper book remains an exceptionally mysterious, simple and popular object, not to mention the strong aesthetic impact it releases.

a library from floor to ceiling!

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A library is usually in the form of a shelf , the characteristics to be favored are according to the requirements and personal tastes, but obviously the dimensions of the stay, as the number of books to be put there will determine the piece of furniture which you will choose. A large empty library, with just a few scattered books, will lose its majesty, unless it is a conscious and thoughtful choice to bring a minimalist style. You can make the most of the decorative look of this type of furniture if you are a great reader, transforming the room into a sanctuary of knowledge, stories, ideas and distant and colorful worlds, imaginary or real.

a sanctuary for books

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The dimensions of a library depend on the space available in the room that hosts it, if it is abundant, opt for a wall model, in a smaller room, it will focus on the angle model. Depending on whether you wish to deposit various decorative objects, or use it as a TV stand, choose modular furniture, alternating between open and closed compartments.

alternation of open and closed compartments

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You will book your most beautiful books so that they are visible in the open spaces, and hide your old kitchen book, offered for your wedding, with its collection of cards cut out of magazines behind a pretty closed door. A showcase, with built-in lighting, can also be used to highlight a crockery service that is used only very rarely.

to showcase beautiful objects

modular library Ripiani

You can use an elegant piece of furniture to store your books, if you have a room so big that you want to partition it. This is the principle of a freestanding bookcase, which does not need to be fixed to the partitions, unlike the others. It's a great way to add variety and texture to a room, and can also be used as storage space for all kinds of other objects and accessories.

freestanding library by Lago

Net Lago freestanding bookcase

If you have high ceilings, do not be afraid to invest the space vertically. If, on the contrary, you have a ceiling height not exceeding the current standards, below 2.50 m for example, you should rather limit yourself to a height of man, maximum 1.80 m, to avoid to create an oppressive feeling in the heart of the room. Use the remaining space to sprinkle a few plants, in pots or bouquets, or a small sculpture and some designer vases that clutter you.

invest the space vertically

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Wooden bookcases, murals, modern or antique, although their primary function is to store books there, they will quickly become the focal point of your book. living room . By combining their style with the rest of the furniture, you'll get a winning combination every time. In wood, they evoke a warm and comfortable atmosphere, metal for a more contemporary or industrial effect.

the warm atmosphere of the wood

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If you have modular elements, prefer a certain harmonious asymmetry, choose a model with a sober look that will fit in the background of the room, putting the books forward, or colored tones for a color block effect trend. You just have to find an armchair worthy of the name, and a beautiful lampshade for optimal lighting while you let the books take you into the fascinating world of literature. Good reading !

favor asymmetry!

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modular elements

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a harmonious room decoration

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keep the style of the room

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design element

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only the books are missing

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art goes to the service of the book

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but where is the TV?

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For your viewing pleasure

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literary flight

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Write wall library

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