A modern architecture house hidden in the desert

house modern architecture desert

Most of us dream of having a luxury home in Manhattan, a villa in the south of France or a private cabana in the tropics. But you have to have a very special personality to find its sense of luxury in the solitude of the desert.

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For example, a person who would not want to be found? But once, having discovered the inside of this house architecture Superb by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, she will become your new type of dream.

Original architecture house in the desert

house original architecture desert

This House architecture Modern has a really special exterior - looking at a certain angle, you can not tell if the house is there because it got lost in the rocks of the desert. A hiding? We could never know it. The house is located in California at Joshua Tree in a small area near the National Park. Its roof is a central element of exterior design. The rounded panels of the house adapt perfectly to the environments. The house is the perfect way to hide if you do not want to be found. Look at her:

The house is lost in the rocks of the desert

hidden house desert california

House of interesting architecture

house modern architecture california

The house is irregularly shaped

modern design outdoor house

The roof of the house is remarkable

modern house sand color

The house is a real hideaway in the California desert

roof house original architecture

The house has the color of the desert

ultra modern house california

The staircase leading to the entrance

original outdoor desert house

The house at night

California house lights night

The lights of the house at night

house design lights night

The entrance to the house

exterior original design house

One of the terraces

original design house terrace

Rounded terrace

original modern terrace house

Terrace with view to the desert

house terrace view desert

Terrace of interesting shape

terrace house desert california

Interior decoration

interior design house desert

interior house original design

interior deco stone wood

interior modern living room

interior living room dining room

artistic interior deco

interesting corridor decoration

ultra modern kitchen decoration

deco living room modern design

bedroom design rounded

deco outdoor garden table

road to desert house

desert night view

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