A modern hotel in Hamburg - be ready to be surprised

modern hotel with original interior with a yellow drawn wall

Today, we present you a hotel that stands out from the others. named Superbude St Pauli , this modern hotel is in Hamburg and one thing is for sure, it differs from today's hotels.

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Drawn by DREIMETA , the hotel opened in 2012 and we immediately notice a taste for yellow. From the reception to the rooms, through the restaurant, the walls are covered with warm yellow wood and welcoming atmosphere that creates a very original atmosphere.

modern hotel in hamburg: atypical and original interior

modern hotel with eclectic decor

A stay at this hotel can really be considered a real adventure: the halls adorned with handmade carpets, the black corridors decorated with a yellow stripe that marks the number rooms, we discover deco surprises at each corner. Of course, the rooms do not escape the rule. The yellow also reigns - it is found dotted in the room decor, present in the choice of furniture but also shelves and cabinets. Yellow is going to be present in the color of wooden hangers.

rustic and creative bathroom

a rope drawn on yellow painted wood

To add to the uniqueness of the hotel, each room has a wall adorned with a quote that varies from one room to another and a recurring theme seems to be the drawing of a rope that is tied and unravels on the walls of the hotel. In short, this is a hotel that likes to surprise, but the fact remains that the decor is as artistic as it is elegant and refined. More than one style rubs shoulders in a space that seems to have revolutionized the definition of the hotel.

relaxation area with Scandinavian style furniture

Scandinavian style relaxation area

the hotel rooms are dotted with yellow accents

modern yellow accents hotel room

surprising interior with open cabinets in yellow

atypical cabinets and newspaper-clad walls

hotel room with a quote written on the wall

Atypical room with recycled wood furniture

artistic decoration with yellow wooden furniture

eclectic decor with yellow accents

a yellow stripe on a black background marks the room numbers

black hallway trimmed yellow stripe

classy bathroom with black and white tiles

classy bathroom with refined black tiles

modern hotel with unusual elements

each room has a different quote

beautiful room with wooden bed frames

headboard in fishing net

beautiful restaurant with blackboards and yellow walls

large restaurant with yellow windowsills

open cabinet with yellow painted wooden hangers

fishing net plays role of support for magazines

original bathroom in black and yellow

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