A prefabricated house from 8 sea containers

prefabricated house made up of eight sea containers

In our yesterday's article we encouraged you to be more daring and surprising by going off the beaten path. So today, we intend to perpetuate this thought by presenting you with an undeniably surprising home.

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Designed and built by architect Maria Jose Trejos, Casa Incubo is a prefabricated house consisting of eight sea containers and is located in Escazu, a village in Costa Rica. Its surprising design and choice of materials revolutionizes our idea of ​​a traditional home and commits us to take a different perspective.

prefabricated house with bamboo sunshades

ecological house with balconies and wooden terrace

Casa Incubo was realized with a thought for the sustainable development , it includes a rainwater collection system, its roof is decorated with solar panels and the interior is lit with a LED system low power consumption. To minimize the need for air conditioning, the salient roofs protect the home from the sun and large windows provide the necessary ventilation to combat the heat and humidity of Costa Rica. Due to the nature of the house, Casa Incubo was erected in one day only, reducing construction costs by 20%.

sea ​​containers breathe an unusual industrial style for a home

house made from eight sea containers

This is really an unusual house that has managed to register with its environment by incorporating into its design an imposing cedar tree that has become the focal point of design. Inspired by the tree, the architect has also incorporated some wood elements in the interior staircase and bamboo sun visors. The living room exudes contrast with the multicolored furniture choices of bohemian style which breathes a very warm side to the metallic decor. It's audacious and we love it!

shabby chic furniture gives a metallic accent color inside

shabby chic furniture adds a warm touch

spacious living room with a wood staircase that leads to the second floor

large living room with wood staircase leads upstairs

large living room with ultra-trendy suspension

living room double height furniture multicolored

living space overlooking the terrace punctuated by cedar

living space leads to terrace with large cedar

a garden with lawn extends on the roof of the prefabricated house

greenery corner with roof lawn

inspired by the cedar grain, the bamboo sun visor filters daylight

bamboo partitions to filter daylight

the roof protects from the sun and the large windows provide good ventilation

protruding roof protects from the sun and large windows provide ventilation

large interior with space to rest and work

large interior with bay windows and art gallery

spacious dining room table wood steel

dynamic interior with glass partitions

living room furnished colorful furniture contrast with metallic decor

prefabricated house ecological design balcony wood

prefabricated house built around an imposing cedar

prefabricated house industrial style metal

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