A simplistic but impressive house in Vancouver


Splyce Design create, in 2013, this simplistic house unique like a cottage, but fits perfectly with the style of the neighborhood with its wooden facade.

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With its particular shape and simple interior in white with light wood furniture, it is a dream home for those who prefer architectural purity and simplicity. But East Van House is much more than that and you can see it through the photos below.

The simplistic East Van House and neighboring residences

simplistic house East Van House and neighboring residences seen from street

Asymmetric, even a little odd, this simplistic house is a masterpiece of modern architecture. This residence of over 200m² is a great example of space use because there is nothing exaggerated in there. You will not find huge empty spaces, so it is perfect for practical and reasonable people. There is no excesses neither on the outside and even less on the inside. This does not mean that the design is stylish and elaborate, but if you're looking for grandiosity, it's not your home.

View of the panoramic facade from the courtyard

View of the panoramic facade from East Van House courtyard

Let's go inside this simplistic house. You will especially notice the white walls, the similar light wood furniture in all rooms. And when you start thinking that East Van House is a boring apartment that does not deserve your attention, small details will grab your attention. For example, stairs in separate planks that create a unique sense of space and depth, the bathroom with its gray and white marble, the shower open to the outside. We let you discover this simplistic house!

The beautiful staircase of the house

The beautiful staircase of the white house wood planks

Simplistic house with a rather ordinary kitchen

Simplistic house with its fairly ordinary kitchen minimalist wood design

The furniture is still quite massive

simplistic home furniture are still quite massive light wood

And the dining space absolutely different

And the dining area absolutely different furniture raw table

Overview of the bathroom

White gray marble bathroom preview

With its classy bathtub

simplistic house his bathtub very classy marble gray patterns samble

The very bright bedroom

The bedroom very bright simple white minimalist deco

The corridor leading to the bathroom

The corridor that leads to the bathroom keeps solid wood furniture dress

Impressive shower open to the terrace open bathroom

Kitchen and dining style contrast

And again some stairs would say that the house is made of wood planks

Small steps to home cooking canada vancouver

simplistic home living room in Vancouver simple furniture deco

Small decorative details that complement the cottage house design forms

And the small window closer to home interior design

House cut simplistic general floor plan

East Van House at night light exterior view facade

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