A touch of golden decoration - luxury for the home

Kitchen with small golden element as luxury accents

Do you want more luxury at home? A touch of golden decoration could guarantee you this result of rich elegance without creating excess. If you want some splendor in the house, but you are afraid to create a too kitsch or too busy atmosphere, look at our ideas.

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You will see that there is nothing superfluous, it is a decoration very elegant and thoughtful. It is true that this metal does not suit all tastes, especially in terms of interior design, but if you pay attention to its use, it could give nice results.

Splendid bathroom with small golden decoration details in a mirror frame

Splendid bathroom small detail golden decoration frame mirror

The bathroom above is a great example of what we have in mind. The mixture of marble and gold makes this piece a masterpiece of interior design because it is luxurious and rich, but in a very delicate and elaborate way. If you decide to put some golden decoration in any room of the house, pay special attention to other colors - white and black are acceptable, classic. You have to be braver for bright colors because it plays on the edge of kitsch. And that's not what we're looking for, is it?

Elegant and classic lounge with small golden touches, perfectly placed

Classic elegance living room small touch golden mirror coffee table

The frame of the mirror or paintings is a very simple thing that can take a golden touch. This will not, under any circumstances, change your design of the living room, especially if your furniture is in neutral tones and clear. As you can see in the example of the living room that we chose, there is even more than one gold element - the coffee table, the mirror and the lamps. However, it is far from being loaded and excessive, because the balance of colors and strong accents is respected.

Gold in the bathroom

luxury golden decoration in the bathroom

A wallpaper with white and golden lines

wall office wallpaper white and golden lines

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