A very original marble dining table

dining room with two chairs design wood

Designed by Efasma, this superb dinner table has a particularity that does not leave indifferent - it was created with slots in which six chairs can fit.

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In this way, the table and its chairs, become a design furniture in its own right.

Design dining table with slots to fit four chairs

unusual design marble dining table

Never has a table and its chairs been so interdependent and for what appearances, the result does not disappoint either.

Slots in the table give character to this furniture so original

Slots detail in marble table

The surface of the table is actually a block of marble which makes the table unique from the start. The feet, meanwhile, are walnut wood but the real magic trick lies in the slots.

The table and chairs were created to coexist together and form a piece of furniture in its own right

detail slits chairs bend into the table

These are distinguished by their yellow copper finish, a contrast that allows designers to wear a really subtle accent on these slots that make the dining table so original.

Delicate marriage between wood, marble and copper finish that highlights the slits

detail table marble wood finish copper yellow

This is a beautiful marriage between three materials that complement each other while being opposed. The walnut brings a warm touch to the furniture while the marble block, made to measure, makes it unique.

The beautiful dining table was created by Efasma *

marble dining table by efasma

It is of course possible to match this table with your own chairs but it is difficult to resist a piece of furniture in its own right. Marble and walnut, two solid materials, are an interesting contrast compared to two-color braided chairs - gray and orange. The result ? A real furniture design!

Note the brass accents that stand out from the wood

contrast between wooden legs and marble surface

* Images by Efasma .

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