A well thought out apartment renovation in Yokohama

bedroom apartment renovation

A apartment renovation well designed in Yokohama, Japan, by the Sinato architects, who are not on their first try. Covering an area of ​​64 square meters, this apartment, which can not be described as spacious, but is not small either, has become an exclusive and unique dwelling in this 26-year-old apartment complex.

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a bright and spacious apartment renovation

minimalist style design

The concept that was the common thread during this renovation apartment It is divided around the living room, L-shaped, and delimited by the use of a solid wood floor combined with a large service room and various storage, central and also wood. This element also serves as partition wall which allows more privacy in the bedroom, especially through other decorative wooden walls, which elegantly configure the space.

the living area bounded by the wooden floor

renovation apartment Yokohama central unit

The upper part of the partitions is made of glass, which allows a massive entry of natural light. This light flood is also made possible by the development of large windows, present in each residential area, which has allowed to abound with the wooden walls defining each room.

large bays let in light

renovation apartment Yokohama big-bays

Despite the glass openings in the dividing walls, if there were no windows to distribute the light in each room, the effect would have been much darker. It should also be noted that these wooden walls are storage spaces, and their distribution throughout the house can distribute the storage specifically for each room.

openings at the top of the partitions

renovation apartment Yokohama openwork partition

The central service and storage room divides the area into two areas, one containing the kitchen and dining room, and the other the living room and office. All around this central room are benches, and the walls are optimized as shelves. We let you explore in photos the realization of this renovation apartment that seems particularly successful.

the central block divides the apartment into two areas, the first includes the kitchen

renovation apartment Yokohama kitchen

a very functional kitchen

modern style kitchen

the second area includes the living room and the bedroom

renovation apartment walls benches

the office area is near the living room

renovation apartment corner office

more than reasonable dimensions for Japan

view rooms enfilade


floor plan zoning

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