Adult bedroom lighting: how to make the right choice?

bedroom lighting adult ideas

Choose the luminaire adult room It can be both fun and difficult. The large selection of different lighting, designs and styles offered captivates us.

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And yet, making the right choice often means mastering a few important rules that few people really know. Because what seems so simple is indeed very complex and we often end up flooding our interior with an excessive amount of light. This is particularly true for the bedroom where several types of luminaires are installed without regard to the result.

Adult bedroom lighting: bedside lamps by Tom Dixon

luminaire adult bedroom idea tom dixon

Choose the right one adult bedroom lighting Above all, it means understanding the basics of the art of lighting and how to combine them with the room's décor theme. The bedroom is a personal space that must be soothing, relaxing and romantic depending on your needs and the time of day. So here's how to find out what kind of luminaries to choose:

Metal Adult Bedroom Lighting by Mantra

elegant adult bedroom lighting Mantra

The first very important aspect, which will define your choice of lighting in the room, is the size of this same room. You must opt ​​for luminaires that emit enough light to illuminate every corner of the room in the desired intensity. The trend is for the placement of far too much lighting, hoping that this way we will accentuate the detailed design of the room. But in reality, the result is exactly the opposite: the room becomes too bright in some corners and not lit enough in others. So, even when it comes to decorative lighting, they must be proportional to the size of the room and the decor.

Bedroom Decor Idea with Lighting by Tom Dixon

bedroom lighting design Tom Dixon

The lights in your bedroom should reflect and accent the decor and colors in the room. If it's glamorous, for example, then a cascading chandelier is the perfect fixture to choose from. And for those who prefer minimalist deco, simple recessed lighting in combination with stylish wall sconces is a great idea. You can even create a hotel room atmosphere by opting for traditional wall sconces.

Bedroom decoration with two floor lamps design by Ikea

luminaire bedroom adult design Ikea

There is really nothing better than knowing how to combine and incorporate several lighting styles that work together to create the perfect decor. Each elegant decoration includes different types and styles of lighting that can never be replaced by recessed lights. While ambient light defines the overall aura of the room, small fixtures such as bedside lamps are designed to accentuate specific spaces. The accent lighting, on its side, highlights the focal point in the room's decor that can be a modern fireplace, an art painting or a beautiful statuette. The right combination of all these different types of lighting is what will help you create a beautiful atmosphere in your adult bedroom.

Adult bedroom with modern lighting by Abode

adult bedroom lighting design Abode

Bedside lamps have evolved a lot in recent years. They are no longer just bedside lamps that you put next to your bed. Exceptional pendant lamps and wall sconces are now replacing traditional bedside lamps. These new additions free up space on your bedside table, even giving you the option to go without a bedside table. They also give the comfort of having a bedside lamp even in the smallest bedroom.

Modern Bedroom Decor with Lighting by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Adult Bedroom Lighting Fixture

Minimalist design lamps by Italamp

minimalist bedroom lighting Italamp

Modern bedside lamps by Ikea

adult bedroom lighting Ikea

Elegant and modern floor lamp by Abode

adult bedroom luminaire Abode

adult bedroom lighting design Italamp

adult bedroom lighting Abode idee

modern design floor lamp Euroluce

modern design floor lamp ikea

elegant floor lamp Axo Light

black elegant floor lamp

Alf Italia design bedroom lamp

Alf Italia modern bedside lamp

table lamp room idee

wall sconces modern idea Tom Dixon

pendant lamp elegant room Karman

pendant lamp design Alf Italia

bedroom lamps Hermas

bedside lamps design Zero

Hermas bedroom design lamps

modern design lamps bedroom Ikea

pendant lamps design Karman

elegant pendant lamps bedroom Viso

luminaire bedroom adult idee elegante Ikea

adult bedroom lighting idea Ikea

Italamp bedroom lighting

adult bedroom lighting Karman

modern mantra bedroom light

modern adult bedroom light Modoluce

Michael Anastassiades Original Adult Bedroom Lighting Fixture

adult bedroom lighting Tom dixon idee

adult bedroom lighting TossB

Eden Design ultra-modern adult bedroom lighting

modern design lighting Ikea

chandelier design room Alf Italia

chandelier design bedroom Karman

bedside lamp design Ikea

Tom dixon modern bedside lamp

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