An eclectic house by the sea in Malibu

malibu california house trend modern beach

The house by the sea Malibu Colony Road is a large property of 557 m2. Ordinary from the outside, she is actually extraordinary inside!

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Its candlesticks and decoration are simply fabulous. Located in Malibu, California, its design impresses with its originality and eclecticism.

House by the sea in Malibu California

house at the seaside beach design stairs wood idea terrace

Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, each room and outdoor space is furnished with designer furniture and in such a way that you can always enjoy a breathtaking view when you are comfortably seated. In addition, it is surrounded by two grandiose mountains. Its kitchen island and two chandeliers suspended above the two dining tables - one purple, the other blue - give character to the decor and make it unique. Do you like outdoor cinema? The big 90 "screen gives you the opportunity to watch your favorite movies to infinity. A home cinema for real while enjoying the beauty and the blue of the huge ocean. Oh, it's California!

Dream house on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by two mountains

sea ​​view house terrace planning idea

From the outside the house is beautiful and rather ordinary looking. But once you find yourself in the inner courtyard, the visual spectacle begins ...

The inner courtyard

courtyard interior idea interior design deco statues flowers outdoors modern

The courtyard is decorated with several statues of Gods and Goddesses from Greek mythology. Its colors and its exterior design are reminiscent of the style of the Mediterranean houses.

The front door

house by the sea design staircase idea

As soon as we come back, we find ourselves immediately in a big open room. The outside light gently illuminates all its interior. The central wooden island is the living heart of this room with turquoise blue surface. It's like the inner extension of the ocean ...

The kitchen and its central island

modern kitchen central island interior layout drawers wood deco wall

The house is designed in this way that it is always possible to enjoy the beautiful view. Even when we are preparing the meal!

Cooking and enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean is possible!

kitchen design central island modern armchair lighting fixture chandelier

Several relaxation areas and meals have been created indoors and outdoors

modern kitchen design house by the sea central island

The terrace is furnished with a dining table and six chairs. There is also a vertical garden. One of the accents of the interior are the two candlesticks. The first is purple and hangs over the wooden dining table that occupies one of the two dining corners. The other is blue and suspended above the second dining table, placed next to the large window that allows you to enjoy the landscape when you are having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The terrace with vertical garden

table-outdoor-modern-chair-braided resin

One of the dining areas with wooden dining table

house by the sea idea wall decor dining room design ilot

The purple candlestick

candlestick design kitchen round wooden table chair modern wood floor island

The second dining area with blue candlestick

dining area home modern idea arrangement candlestick blue round table wood chair white armchair table wall decor

Relaxed space with sofa in white

house by the sea design sofa modern white cushions coffee table modern idea candlestick

The living room is furnished with a white sofa, a rustic wooden coffee table and a floor mat that makes it warmer. The paintings decorating the walls are of different styles.

The living room decorated with paintings of different styles

living room wall deco coffee table wood candlestick purple sofa white cushions armchair floor mats

The small living room is open to the kitchen. It is fitted with a TV.

lounge sofa white-tele-table-wood-rustic

Another space of conversation and relaxation is arranged in front of the central island of the kitchen. The furniture is with tropical touches, while the walls are decorated with modern art paintings. White is the dominant color.


interior house seaside design couch white cushions modern deco wall idea tables modern trend

This living room is located on the second floor. It is furnished with a large comfortable white sofa, the parquet in glossy lacquered wood is ideal for dancing! Another TV is placed here, but we must not forget that we are in Malibu, the show is now!

White sofa and parquet floor ideal for dancing

house design seaside arrangement coffee table living room glass

The paintings decorate the walls everywhere. Of very different style, they constitute a really eclectic and historical decoration ...

Modern art painting

interior modern living room arrangement idea parquet wood deco coffee table glass design

A breathtaking view

trendy modern terrace layout round table chair cushions blue

The reading area is furnished with a large library and two chairs of different design: a chair retro style and another white "beach" style sofa. The reading room leads to another terrace, also furnished with garden furniture. The table braided resin and four steel chairs and of course, the view, this time, of the mountains!

Reading room on the second floor

house by the sea reading room trend library

Read and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean, that's romantic!

reading room furniture idea comfort chair

Mountain view

home design modern design chair table resin trend modern idea

The large bedroom has its own furnished terrace with two comfortable armchairs. It is in dark colors, rather of a style male .

The main bedroom

arrangement home bedroom armchair leather design sofa

Large room in dark colors

bedroom layout idea house design modern terrace

The furnished terrace with two armchairs

braided resin chair terrace modern idea

The bathroom is very big with jacuzzi and special toilets. We find the same blue candlestick as above the dining table.

house by the sea design bathroom idea modern layout

bathroom jacuzzi modern design layout bathtub trend modern idea

home sea design layout bathroom trend modern bathtub candlestick blue

guest room deco wall table bed cushions arrangement idea fixture hanging red curtains

guest bedroom layout bedroom curtains idea light fixtures

bedroom original curtains purple arrangement sink idea modern bed wood cushions

The third guest bedroom overlooks the mountain and the wall is dressed in crocodile leather (false, we hope!).

guest room idea layout bedroom headboard

One of the guest rooms is furnished in white with accents in purple and red. The guest room named "Murphy" is arranged as in a car: a steel sink at the corner and a wooden bed!

guest room bed idea arrangement red purple

From the outside this house is nothing special and blends with the style of the houses all around. In short, probably in the houses next door, there are only stars ... The house also offers a Finnish sauna, steam room, gym and pizza oven! There are more than three parking spaces and a dog area. It can be rented for $ 55,000 per month in the long term or $ 100,000 in the short term. And if you really like it, why not buy ?

house at the seaside design terrace arrangement wood round table bouquet deco

house by the sea terrace sofa cushions design idea

malibu california house trend modern beach

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