Apartment interior decoration inspired by Thai culture


For whatever reason, every time we come across a interior decoration apartment in Kiev, it always seems to be a space that happily embraces dark shades.

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In any case, this is something different from most modern interiors that opt ​​for more relaxing shades where white dominates the decor. The Lofthai apartment that we are going to introduce today is another fine example of this decorative style that combines an air of refinement with elements borrowed from Thai culture and creates an elegant fusion between East and West.

Apartment interior decoration in Kiev

interior decoration elegant apartment

The apartment was created by Soesthetic Group and Thai inspiration is instantly apparent in every corner and detail of the decor. Black is the dominant color in the living room with wooden surfaces that create warmth and textural contrast in the space. The design coffee table and work table are made from 250 oak wood and play the role of centerpieces in the decor of the room. A projector and a projection screen immediately catch the eye, while an elegant contemporary fireplace warms the atmosphere in this design lounge.

The decor of the modern living room


After the show, it's the bedroom that captivates with its elegant decor, again based on the minimalist principle in Thai culture. This contemporary reinterpretation of classic elements is complemented by a bed placed on the floor, recessed lighting, a crisp accent wall and a zen atmosphere. The apartment also has a modern kitchen, a relaxing bathroom, a spacious dressing room and a welcoming dining room.

Black is the dominant color in the living room

interior decoration modern apartment

Living room decoration inspired by Thai culture

interior decoration ultra modern apartment

Elegant living room in dark colors

interior decoration minimalist apartment

Living room deco with modern sofa in gray

interior decoration apartment furniture

Minimalist style living room decoration

decoration modern apartment living room

Decorated living room with projection screen

decoration modern apartment deco

The two 250 year old oak tables

interior decoration contemporary apartment

interior decoration modern bedroom apartment

interior decoration apartment bedroom

deco minimalist bedroom

wooden bedroom decoration

modern design dressing room deco

deco elegant kitchen wood

bathroom decoration

modern apartment plan Kiev

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