Aquarium design: original aquarium furniture ideas

kitchen deco aquarium design

The aquarium design is an object appreciated by aquarium enthusiasts. Here are 49 aquarium-themed pictures to help you choose: from the fish tank to the entrance, to the one decorating the bathroom - we offer a gallery for all rooms in the house and even for the office!
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Aquarium design: choosing an aquarium furniture for your home

aquarium design house idea deco

Unlike fish jars and small aquariums, the aquarium design unit is usually larger. It is therefore suitable for the interior decoration of those who really want to make it an accent of the room.

The aquarium design furniture in the kitchen

aquarium modern living room separation

In the kitchen, the cabinet with aquarium can become an accent when the rest of the interior decoration is monochrome. This is especially true for the white kitchen which harmonizes very well with the colors blue, green and red, usually used for the decoration aquarium.

The aquarium furniture in the dining room and the living room

aquarium living room design wood

It is usually in the living room and in the dining room that we find the large aquarium furniture and for good reason: each aquarist loves to contemplate his fish tank in which he has often invested a lot of time and effort. Moreover, as the floral art , the aquarium contributes to the creation of a zen space profitable to all the people in the house.

Furniture with aquarium harmonized with plants

aquarium white living room walls

Indeed, interior decorators advise to consider not only the layout of the aquarium itself. Of course, it must be decorated with regard to the fish species of your choice. But it is equally important to organize the space around the design aquarium. It is particularly advisable to decorate it with plants or vases that match the style of your aquarium, whether small or large.

Aquarium cabinet and minimalist decor

large aquarium furniture living room office

You can see it in the photos above - the minimalist decor of the room and the plants, in jars or in the aquarium itself, emphasize the dimensions and colors of their design. In this way they create a pleasant decor.

The aquarium coffee table

small table aquarium

The aquarium coffee table is another very trendy design object at the moment. Unlike the wall-mounted aquarium, it allows you to observe the aquatic life more closely, which is always an advantage. The aquarium coffee table is especially suitable for living rooms in uniform colors, light or dark.

The aquarium cabinet to separate the rooms

separation pieces contemporary aquarium

A practical and original use of the large aquarium furniture is that which separates a large room into two spaces. This decorative idea is suitable for spaces that would not have enough light if they were separated by walls. It is acquired by means of a large aquarium that lets in natural light by giving it, in addition, a beautiful bluish tint.

The wall aquarium

aquarium wall living rooms contemporary separation

The wall-mounted aquarium, integrated in a piece of furniture, mimics the appearance of a multicolored living picture. The slow movements of the red poems and plants that are there are a perfect complement to the bedroom decor. The large aquarium of this type can become the central piece of a decoration in simple style.

The aquarium furniture as a decorative object in an office

original aquarium wall desks

This may seem surprising, but the aquarium design is a piece of furniture recommended for the decoration of professional spaces. Here again, as at home, the aquarium contributes to the creation of an atmosphere not only aesthetic, but also full of serenity. Designer designers have noticed this aspect of the aquarium furniture.

The aquarium cabinet integrated in a library

aquarium library furniture corner work

They have created original decorating ideas, such as the professional aquarium table that you can see in the gallery below. Another design creation in the same spirit is the aquarium cabinet integrated in a wooden bookcase. This original idea belongs to the designers of Okeanos Aquascaping Group (on the picture above).

Small decorative aquarium in the living room

small aquarium design salon

Small vertical aquarium in a bedroom in Asian style

aquarium small bedrooms

Aquarium design and white decor, a perfect wedding!

wall furniture lounges white aquarium

Small aquarium table in glass with goldfish

aquarium deco coffee table

Exotic office with aquarium design and library

decoration aquarium idea

aquarium wall chart

small aquarium office furniture

round wooden aquarium

small aquarium glass furniture

aquarium design furniture deco

aquarium furniture dining room conemoraine

aquarium furniture bathrooms

aquarium deco ideas entries

dining room large aquarium design furniture

kitchen large aquarium separation

aquarium decorations kitchen table

contemporary kitchens aquarium

aquarium blue fish room

aquarium furniture bookcase

aquarium wall chart

minimalist aquarium decoration kitchen

aquarium living room furniture design

round aquarium deco entrance

fish aquarium dining room

aquarium goldfish coffee table

deco aquarium wall cabinet

deco living room wall aquarium

modern aquarium living room separation cabinet

living room aquarium wall furniture

aquarium design large furniture

aquarium complete wood furniture

aquarium wall separation design

aquarium modern white kitchen

aquarium fish decorating kitchen

modern design aquarium

large aquarium bedroom

aquarium desk table

aquarium wall deco stones

aquarium vertical design idea

deco aquarium interior design

aquarium design office deco idea

modern aquarium deco

aquarium design furniture entree

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