Aquatic Pond Maintenance for Winter

Aquatic pond maintenance view small bridge wood aquatic basin

If you're lucky enough to enjoy a spacious garden with an aquatic pond, it's time with the approach of winter to think of a water basin maintenance .

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To get rid of dead leaves that may fall into the basin you can put a metal or wooden blanket. There are also clear plastic panels that are also a good alternative. This will surely help you in cleaning. An aquatic pond maintenance is also a maintenance of the garden plants around since everything is a set.

A water basin interview underway

maintenance aquatic basin course

If you grow water lilies, they can spend the winter in the water if its level is above the level of the yard in which they are planted. If not, remove them from the lake and put them in a heated room with light by placing them in large containers with water. The decorative ponds who have walls built of concrete, they must be emptied. If water remains in the pool, the walls may have cracks.

A water basin under the snow

zoom aquatic basin under snow

Let all the winter float a log or a float on the surface of the basin. This will prevent frost pressure from damaging the internal surfaces of the pool. They can protect the walls from cracking. As the lake is evacuated, it must be covered with plastic or other roofing material. An interview of aquatic basin e without fish does not require much effort and does not need extra protection for the winter. But if you have fish, you have to install a ventilation system that will work until spring.

A garden and a small pond under the snow

garden view snow aquatic basin

The pump and the pipes need special attention. They must be caulked to protect them from cold and moisture. If you do not have antifreeze device, you can cover the surface of this space with a bubble film: effective, if not aesthetic. Once winter has arrived, you will have little maintenance to do. Do not forget to regularly check the effects of freezing. If your pond is covered with glass, dig holes to ventilate it.

A blanket of snow on an aquatic basin

blanket view white snow aquatic basin

A frozen basin

view of the ice basin

A winter water basin

winter pool view

A small water basin under the white blanket of snow

small water basin snow

A plastic cover for the water basin during the winter

plastic cover basin winter

Aquatic pond construction underway

construction aquatic basin

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