Architect's house: the V9 residence in Mexico City

architect house exterior plan

With this article and 25 photos, we present you a architect house in modern style that was built in Mexico City: the residence V9. The residence V9, which is located in the Bosques Golf Club, in Mexico City, is a creation of VGZ Arquitectura , company founded in 2003, which specializes since in the construction type sustainable development.

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Built in 2013-2014, this residence spreads over a plot of 800 square meters, with a construction area of ​​960 square meters and a landscaped garden of 400 square meters.

Architect's house: the example of the V9 residence in Mexico City

modern outdoor design architect house

About this project, which resulted in the creation of a beautiful house the architects of VGZ Arquitectura remember that the orientation of the field was a challenge for them. They conducted an exhaustive study of natural light from the sun to increase the area of ​​the house lit by the sun's rays and views from the outside.

V9, architect house seen from the inside

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Thanks to this type of very precise preliminary work and an exterior design with simple lines and natural materials, the architects have managed to create a house that meets the needs of their clients and those of the site. . The house has several open spaces and an outdoor garden with a rich vegetation consisting of green plants. Equipped with a system of water recovery and the use of solar energy, the residence V9 is suitable for an environmentally friendly way of life, in accordance with the requirement of its owners.

Architect house: the living room of the residence V9 with lighting of evening lit

lighting design living room architect houses

This is also what allows it to fit perfectly into the space of the Bosques Golf Club which houses it and which wants to be a territory elegant, calm and respectful of nature. You will discover all the pictures of this amazing house of architect in the gallery below.

The V9 lounge overlooking the garden

design houses living rooms lighting design

Interior design and modern living room open to the garden

living rooms and gardens beautiful contemporary houses

Living room of modern residence V9 with wooden wall

wood interior design beautiful houses

The exterior of V9 with its night lighting and garden of green plants

modern lighting outdoor houses architects

Modern architect house living room with blue sofa

wooden design walls beautiful design houses

The dining room of the residence V9 with round table in black and white chairs

dining room decoration in white and black house

Architect's house: bathroom of the residence V9

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