Aromatic plants: plants, care and advice

Different aromatic plants

Aromatic plants provide our food with all their flavor, but they are also very useful as food supplements to keep us healthy. Some of their beneficial effects are well known to the general public, but others not at all.

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Among herbs that have become quite common in cooking, basil does not just add flavor to our tomato sauces, but it is perfectly suited to fight an anxious state, thanks to its sedative properties, besides the fact that they are also diuretic and anti-inflammatory.

Full of choice among aromatic herbs ...

Aromatic herbs examples

If you add some basil leaves in simmering water and let them steep for a few minutes, you also get a drink that promotes digestion. Digestion that is facilitated by the mente also, as well as dill, known for its refreshing properties. A cold dill based infusion will be ideal on hot summer days.

And still some kinds of aromatic plants ...

Aromatic plants some choices

Among the aromatic medicinal plants, we can also mention the laurel, which helps to calm stomach pains. To fight a cold or flu, use garlic, known for its anti-bacterial, antioxidant qualities, it reduces hypertension, and is an excellent dewormer. An Indian recipe recommends for the most valiant an infusion of garlic, peppers, and ginger, and a little honey to pass it.

We must save the freshness of herbs and spices

Spicy aromatic herbs

Oregano is used to treat coughs, headaches, rheumatism, and digestive problems, while rosemary is a specialist in skin problems and eczema, but also to fight against depression and related disorders. mood. Let's mention parsley, which in addition to effectively regulate menstrual cycles, lowers high blood pressure and relieves toothache.

Herbs and condiments are also the best medicines ...

Aromatic and condimentary herbs

An emergency remedy when your teeth are painful is to leave a clove against your gum until you feel sleepy and the loss of pain. The use of spices also makes it possible to have the hand a little less heavy with salt, with all the benefits that are linked to it. So, do not deprive yourself!

Lemon balm is used for its benefits against stress, insomnia and overeating

Melisse aromatic herbs

Basil is reputed to be an excellent digestive tonic.

Basil aromatic herbs

Coriander, rich in antioxidants and vitamin K, is good for digestion.

coriander aromatic herbs

Laurel is used in the care of skin conditions or flu-like conditions.

Laurel aromatic herbs

Fennel is indicated for many ailments, especially digestive

Aromatic plants fennel

The marjoram, calms muscular pains and articular. It is also a tranquilizer.

Aromatic plants marjoram

Rosemary is considered the anti-aging plant

Rosemary aromatic plants

Savory, is the queen of anti-infectives

Aromatic plants savory

The medicinal plant thyme (thyme) is perfect in infusion

Aromatic plants thyme serpolet

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