Arrange your interior with children in mind

arrange its interior idea bedroom child sofa furniture lighting

Interior are interior with children in mind is important. Design this living space according to your style and according to the needs of your children is possible .
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Balancing these two elements is quite achievable. Discover our gallery and our useful tips c

how to make choices according to the needs of the whole family.

To arrange its interior according to your style and the needs of your children, it is possible

decorate her interior idea child room decor wall shelf rug floor stool

First of all, you have to start with security because it should be your priority when it comes to your children. It is obvious that children have different needs at different ages .. In general, securing large furniture to the wall is a must because it prevents dangerous injuries. Elements such as shelves , dressers and libraries should be fixed.

Safety straps, photography by Mothering Homemade

child room idea arrange his interior modern design

See also the safety of the furniture itself. For example, retailers like The Land of Nod include information about the safety of the bunk beds of the Consumer Product Safety Commission , including age restrictions, the importance of guard rails and mattress requirements. Do your research and prioritize safety when your toddlers are concerned.

Secure Mezzanine Bed with Two Seating, The Land of Nod Photography

arrange its interior idea bedroom child bed loft

For some, safety is also the choice of ecological and non-toxic furniture, eco-friendly bedding and paint. Creating a healthy atmosphere for your children is important. Fortunately, brands are following these trends and awareness of consumer safety is emerging. Kalon Studios is one of those brands. They offer a range of green furniture sustainable for adults and children. Below we see 3 blocks, a set of three geometrics:

Nesting tables and stools by Kalon Studio

arrange its interior design idea shelves wood chair modern trend

After security comes practicality. This does not mean that you have to ignore the style and decoration. Why not add an original game table and design in the living room? This gives you a chance to relax on the couch while keeping an eye on your little one: tranquility and design!

Design Wooden Table, photography by Tom Hargreaves for Barc Architects Ltd.

modern interior bedroom child living room lighting design coffee table wood design

Which is fabulous, this dresser design from The Land of Nod, is not it? Apart from the t kings drawers solid wood - spacious and practice - it also has a drawer Brass . These corners are secured with elegance. Finally, it is quite possible to have both practical and style!

Beautiful dresser design with three spacious solid wood drawers, The Land of Nod

arrange its interior design dresser wood drawers table wall carpet floor white ottoman

The Wheelhouse Library, on sale at The Land of Nod, is an original, unusual and retro-modern design. Its oval shape makes it a secure piece of furniture, its small size makes it accessible even to the little ones. She is ideal for storage and the display in small spaces .

Wheelhouse Library by The Land of Nod

library design shelves metal idea interior design modern object design

The impressive interior , below, is designed by blogger Camille Styles - that it is magnificent ! The upholstered sofa, named Meridienne, is manufactured by Hardware Restoration. I It is the ideal place to take a nap with your baby. Once again, practicality and style!

Upholstered Design Sofa, Camille Styles Photography

sofa cushioned design cushions table wall deco plant ottoman

When designing your home with children in mind, consider incorporating furniture that may have a dual purpose. In this way, adults and children can enjoy it, plus you optimize the space. For example, below, we see a work table in a loft . However you can apply this concept to the dining room if you are lacking space. M to create or create your dining table will become practical and user-friendly.

Double utility table, photography Julie Ranee

arrange its interior idea wooden table chairs shelves

This paper holder, named Cube Cubby, from The Land of Nod, is both a modular bookshelf and a paper rack, to display your little one's favorite items while you ensuring easy access to paper . In other words, creativity is at handy !

Cube Cubby Paper Holder and Shelf by The Land of Nod

shelf design paper holder modern shelf the land of nod

The poufs can be used as seating, end tables and footrests. A multi-task furniture very practical!

Modern and conceptual design with golden pouf, Lonny

crib design wall wallpaper pattern graphic deco wall frames luminaires suspension

What to do with walls opt for shelves in place wall art (frames, posters) or combine the two ! Books in the space below, thanks to their covers colorful and whimsical serve, in a way, wall decoration. In addition, this solution allows to free floor space (which is the case with a shelf).

Practical shelves with books with colorful and whimsical covers

arrange interior idea room child space saving racks wood floor

Ah, storage! It's always a challenge when it comes to child-friendly storage spaces. Instead of being frustrated by the large amount of toys on the floor in the living room, opt for a storage cabinet in the living room! Customized shelving, below, is beautifully matched with Tubtrugs storage bins.

Storage idea for toys, phorography by Natasha Barrault Design by Houzz

modern interior table wall furniture wood sofa cushions coffee table

In fact, there are many elegant solutions to integrate bins and turn them into storage spaces for toys. In addition, they will complete the decor of your living room or family room.

Modern and bright interior, p HOTOGRAPHY from Clare Gaskin Interiors

interior modern design sofa idea carpet floor

You can always opt for a bench or stool with hidden storage. Kids will love the hidden compartment and adults will love the style no doubt. This padded bench Storage of The Land of Nod, with his abstract pattern soothing, is designed by the artist Ashley Goldberg. Open it and you have a solution chic to your dilemma storage !

Upholstered Storage Bench from The Land of Nod, design Ashley Goldberg

modern interior upholstered bench design the land of nod

And of course, you also have to think about the storage in your child's room or playroom. The room below is arranged with furniture IKEA who keep clutter at the bay. As we have seen today, combining security, practicality and elegant design you can make your comfortable living space for young and old!

IKEA Small Storage Furniture, Photography by Florian Groehn by Elaine Richardson Architect

arrange its interior storage cabinet design ikea modern design black table

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