Art Deco house decoration in Ukraine

deco apartment art deco style

The simplicity of modern design is certainly fashionable but if you like luxury and glamor, nothing can replace the decoration of art deco style . This apartment, a private residence in Ukraine was decorated by the designers of Dream Design Studio who managed to marry the elegance and the excess of the art deco aesthetics with the works of modern masters like Le Corbustier and Eames.

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Art Deco style living room decoration

decoration living room art deco style

Inside are specially selected furniture and architectural and sculptural elements that complement the design. The house has four floors - with a living room and dining room on the ground floor and rooms with offices upstairs. This house is a real testament to the elegance and glamor of the decoration of art deco style . Look at the pictures:

Elegant living room with fireplace

fireplace living room decoration

Luxurious art deco chandelier

chandelier design art deco style

Dining room decoration

original deco dining room style art deco

Another elegant chandelier

elegant original design chandelier

Kitchen decoration with bar

deco kitchen bar

Wardrobe decoration

deco dressing storage shoes

Large comfortable dressing room

modern dressing room

Bedroom in clear shades

bedroom design clear colors

Interesting relaxing armchair

interior deco modern luxury

Interesting armchair in purple

purple modern design armchair

Child room decoration

child bedroom design

room bathroom

home office layout

interior deco original design

original work desk decoration

comfortable leather armchair

elegant bedroom decoration

luxury bath room deco

bathroom design black white

elegant bath tub

modern bath tub

guest bathroom


interesting deco details

plan construction home deco

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