Art Deco style: two modern interpretations

art deco style modern living room table wall deco corner sofa

Art Deco style is widely known and easily recognizable. Synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, it is characterized by its geometric lines, its bright and intense colors.

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Often, it is named "retro" or "vintage". Today, he still influences contemporary architecture and design. Today, we present two modern apartments and their interiors arranged in this style of design. If you want to invite the Art Deco spirit to your home, our gallery can give you some ideas how to succeed.

The Art Deco style: a contemporary interpretation

art deco style gray corner sofa cushions wall chart

Some art critics say that Art Deco is neither an artistic movement nor a current, but the expression of human progress in terms of aesthetics and technologies. Appeared for the first time in the 1910s, in a few years Art Deco is a worldwide success. The term "art deco" comes from the abbreviation "decorative arts". It was not until the 1960s that the term "art deco" appeared. It is not at all difficult to recognize this style of design which is characterized by its tapestries, its decorative objects. Noble materials and his paintings. Art deco can be minimalist but, in its traditional context, it is not very often. In the two contemporary interiors that we will present to you, however, it can be defined as minimalist. It is often seen as a style of "character" and with a strong presence of objects and different shapes. In modern design, it is represented only by a limited number of objects: armchair, table, decorative objects, paintings and others. In general, Art Deco shows a taste for noble, precious and exotic materials among which we discover alabaster, ivory, wood as well as bronze, brass and glass.

Contemporary Art Deco inspired living room, Smidt Studio design

modern art deco style picture deco idea corner sofa gray cushions floor mats

The first apartment we are going to introduce is designed by the Belarusian company Smidt Studio . The accent in this interior is the theme of chosen colors: yellow and purple. Some elements are classic and add a touch of vintage: wooden doors, flooring, dark wood bookcase. At the same time, contemporary furniture refreshes the space and makes it more modern.

Large classic dark wood bookcase

modern art deco style dining room bookcase wood sofa gray

The dining room is open to the living room. Here we find the same colors and a mix of style very successful: armchair type chairs in purple Art Deco style combined with a wooden table of classic design and two hanging luminaires of modern and minimalist design.

The dining room

art deco style dining room idea armchair art deco suspension fixture

Most decorative objects are simple, sometimes made of metal. The noble materials are not absent, but their presence is very moderate: it is the key to a successful interior design and decoration.

The coffee table in the living room is decorated with a candle holder designed by Fritz Nagel

art deco style sofa living room cushions modern floor rug graphic pattern wood dining table

A gray carpet with a geometric pattern in white decorates the floor covered in wood parquet. It is also the element that delimits the living room and the dining room. On the coffee table is a metal candle holder designed by Fritz Nagel .

The lights in the living room add an elegant and modern touch

art deco style interior armchair art deco dining table

This interior is a very successful mix of modern and Art Deco: authentic objects, contemporary furniture , original decoration and temperate colors. Let's continue our visit in the entrance of this beautiful apartment whose floral wallpaper wall is reflected in the mirror to the right of the photograph below:

Successful wedding, modern interior

modern art deco style lighting design carpet floor gray white

One of the first elements to be seen, as soon as one is in the living room, is the brilliant floor covered with white marble. In the background, on the right, a wooden side table painted in gray and a stool of the same violet color found in the living room and the dining room, have been carefully installed.

The large entrance with marble flooring

art deco entrance furniture marble tile

The wall above the side table is decorated with an abstract art painting. The luminaires are different in style: an industrial-style luminaire is suspended above the table, while all along the ceiling are large, rectangular, white light fixtures that are more of a modern element. The wall is dressed in floral wallpaper: a must for interiors in the Art Deco style. This time, the mix of modern and authentic is again very successful!

The side table and purple stool

entrance flooring marble floor wood furniture side table wallpaper floral pattern

The entrance is very large and spacious, open to the dining room

marble floor entrance side table sofa lighting idea

The kitchen is sophisticated in style and furnished in dark gray marble with white wooden kitchen furniture.

The kitchen in wood and marble

kitchen marble countertop cabinet wood white design parquet wood

The kitchen is large, spacious and bathed in light. The white wooden kitchen furniture is not extraordinary at first sight. Indeed, its geometric lines transform it into a luxurious and elegant element.

White furniture

kitchen countertop marble furniture wood fitting idea

Metal objects and ceramic pots are a traditional choice when it comes to decorating Art Deco.

Decorative objects and ceramic pots

marble kitchen idea countertop furniture arrangement wood

The kitchen is bright, spacious and authentic design

kitchen art deco style idea design countertop marble

The second apartment to visit was designed by the company Bach Nguyen . Its interior is eclectic with classic Art Deco touches and modern touches of Scandinavian inspiration. This apartment is very spacious and is 147m². Yet it has been laid out in a minimalist way to optimize and make the space even bigger. This explains the lack of bulky furniture and the temperate decor.

Interior furnished with elements of Art Deco style and elements of contemporary style

art deco style kitchen design bench armchair art deco idea

The kitchen furniture is light blue powdered, while the dining table in the middle, which also acts as a central island, is surrounded by chairs and a Louis XVI style bench. A beautiful little flowering tree decorates the washing area of ​​the central island.

Blue sofa and abstract art

modern interior sofa blue design floor mats deco wall table coffee table

The bedroom

bedroom art deco style wall wood deco idea

The bedroom is also furnished and decorated in light powder blue, the same as in the kitchen. It creates a soothing, relaxing and vital atmosphere at a time. The beautiful detail above the headboard and the Art Deco style table combine wonderfully with modern lighting.

Wall with black and white wallpaper inspired by Art Deco

bedroom idea decor wall paper black white

This apartment mixes beautiful elements of contemporary design, furniture influenced by French design and objects of the greatest contemporary designers and designers. An interior that combines three different times ...

Interior that marry three different design eras

interior decor art deco living room armchair yellow stool white bench art deco style

The entrance

entrance design floor mats wood design

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