Art Deco wallpaper: colors and geometry

art deco wallpaper kitchen idea furniture arrangement authentic white wood

The style Art Deco is easily recognizable. If you want to adapt this style of design to your home, we invite you to discover our gallery of 46 examples of art deco wallpaper .

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Let's take a trip back in time to get to know the history of its origins, its appearance and its development over the years.

Palm Art Deco Wallpaper

original art deco wallpaper interior idea design contemporary living room coffee table

Art Deco is an artistic movement that appears in the years 1910-1930. It is the world's first architecture and decoration movement. The term "art deco" was only attributed in the 1960s. Before many people named this style "retro". "Art Deco" comes from the abbreviation "decorative arts" and concerns interior architecture. An interior furnished in this style is often recognized by the presence of tapestries, stained glass, paintings, sculptures. The Art Deco style is the logical answer of the organic forms of Art Nouveau. Symmetry plays a key role. The motifs are very stylized.

Modern art deco wallpaper

wallpaper art deco armchair parquet design idea

Three key words can accurately describe the style of Art Deco: order, color and geometry. It is experiencing a worldwide boom starting with France to later win Belgium, Portugal, Spain, North Africa, all English-speaking countries and some countries in Asia including Vietnam and Japan.

Original wallpaper in blue and white

wallpaper art deco blue white geometric pattern living room workspace wooden table chair

Art Deco is often associated with luxury. From 1920 to the present day, this style of interior design is for an elite. It is also a movement characterizing the design of industrial societies and associated with an idle and urban lifestyle. The aim of Art Deco was twofold: on the one hand, to distance oneself from the heritage of Art Nouveau, and on the other hand to innovate by creating a functional art adapted to the needs of modern life. At that time, many artists were experimenting, while industrialists were opening up to art. Works of art were often intended for an elitist clientele. This is the first time that furniture has been marketed and accessible to a large number of people. This furniture introduces the use of new precious and exotic woods. Art deco shows a taste for precious materials: alabaster, ivory, exotic woods. The colors are alive and contrasted.

Seashell wallpaper

interior decoration modern art deco bedroom lamp hanging design idea

At first, inspired by the eighteenth century in France, floral motifs are very present. Little by little they tend to disappear in favor of more geometric forms. Art Deco begins to draw inspiration from other artistic movements: Fauvism, Cubism, Russian Constructivism and Italian Futurism. Technical progress and the appearance of new machines are two very important factors that affirm the search for a new aesthetic. The first plastics as well as bronze, gilded or nickel-plated brass, glass, bakelite are used first of all in Art Deco. Some consider that Art Deco is neither movement nor current, it is an expression of a symptom of modernity and industrial progress. It is certain that Art Deco marks a period when the world is experiencing a prodigious creative fruition in the fields of visual arts on an international scale.

Silver wallpapers

contemporary interior design silver gray design idea furniture wood decorative arts

To adopt the Art Deco style at home, it is not necessary to invest in exotic materials and very expensive furniture and design. You can choose one or more walls and put wallpaper with geometric patterns (the chevron, the zig-zag, the fan, the half-moon, the quarter moon or the radiant sun). It is also possible to decorate with posters of this time, luminaries or a wrought iron retro coat rack, a screen with pattern or with exotic designs, a retro armchair and others. Dressing up your house in this spirit is not difficult. Here is our selection of art deco wallpapers that you can buy online ...

Original checkered wallpaper in gray and beige

original wallpaper interior modern furniture wood sofa living room cushions

Wallpaper suitable for baby room as well as the adult room

indoor bedroom baby wallpaper art deco bedroom adult original idea light fixture hanging

Brown and white wallpaper

deco interior wallpaper black art deco design deco wall dining room table white wood chair

white wallpaper art deco idea interior design design bedroom baby bedroom adult

modern interior sofa gray design lamp fitting office wooden chair white lamp

wallpaper gray white design idea sofa cushions armchair blue coffee table fixture suspension white

wallpaper design idea bedroom living room sofa lamp parquet

interior modern idea design workspace office wood armchair parquet white design art deco

living room entrance contemporary design wallpaper art deco style sofa white cushions

living room wallpaper idea sofa gray cushions lamp white table wood chair wall deco

wallpaper art deco original purple living room interior design modern sofa gray glass table chair lamp

original wallpaper art deco purple bedroom design idea

interior design idea bedroom white lamp sofa gray cushions parquet wood

art deco style interior idea wallpaper gray sofa round mirror

deco wallpaper art deco idea interior contemporary living room armchair lamp curtains

interior modern idea wallpaper art deco gray design bedroom bathtub

idea interior art deco wallpaper white gray couch design lighting fixture bedroom

yellow wallpaper interior idea furniture art deco design

wallpaper art deco idea interior modern furniture wood design living room

modern interior furniture white wood chair coffee table black living room deco

wallpaper living room art deco sofa lamp

art deco wallpaper wood table chair furniture parquet wood white deco plant

wallpaper bedroom idea lamp parquet wood design

wallpaper art deco idea wall furniture design wood authentic deco flowers

bedroom adult wallpaper ard deco style interior bed wood

living room modern interior wallpaper black and white deco plant sofa corner cushions floor mats gray coffee table

wallpaper pattern original zebra art deco idea sink mirror frame

wallpaper art deco idea blue living room design coffee table wood chair blue frame table

wallpaper art deco bathroom idea mirror frame

original blue wallpaper design sofa living room lamp cushions

wallpaper art deco bathroom idea mirror frame lamp

wallpaper toilet art deco idea original decor wall wc

art deco wallpaper idea pattern

contemporary interior wallpaper original gray art deco mirror round vanity wood stools

dark gray wallpaper design table wood deco wall art deco style interior

wallpaper floral pattern art deco idea design living room sofa white cushions coffee table black flowers bouquet deco

contemporary interior art deco armchair cushion fixture hanging cushions coffee table white tile white tv stand

interior bedroom wallpaper green wooden table round armchair parquet art deco style

art deco style idea living room mirror round wall lamp armchair floor mats black

wallpaper art deco idea interior cushions modern

wallpaper art deco interior bathroom marble mirror design

wallpaper art d contemporary modern wallpaper armchair gray deco table wood low

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