Artistic house at an unusual and remarkable place

residence artistic photographer contemporary house

What do you mean by artistic house ? In our case, it is the home of a photographer and you already see on the outside its creative and unusual aspect.

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As for this residence, it is not only the building that is particular, it must also pay special attention to the chosen place. Eccentric, like the artist himself perhaps, the place is actually an old career. Today, moving a house has become even more important than construction, and here we have a great example of a particular setting.

An artistic house in an extraordinary setting

artistic house frame extraordinary old quarry wood

This art house is located in Brecon National Park, Wales. Designed by Hyde + Hyde Architects for a very special client, who, being an artist, was a bit more demanding compared to his own home. It is not easy to create a building that reflects the personality of someone but the efforts of the architects have not been in vain in this project. The result is a beautiful contemporary house, unique in its architecture and the surrounding environment.

Special architecture for an extraordinary project

Particular architecture career house project out of common Wales

The concrete at the bottom gives a solid base at home, but also adds diversity in this palette of wood, glass and metal. The strategically placed windows allow for this connection with the outer frame and complement the modernist vision of the artistic house. The interior design is minimalist and simple, the artistic spirit is present, of course, through the works of the photographer. The rooms are large, there is plenty of free space, but also small hidden corners, such as some private balconies. Some elements must be left to the imagination.

Sometimes it's the setting that creates the whole atmosphere of the house

Sometimes frame creates artist mine atmosphere of the house

One of the terraces of this artistic house

atypical construction terraces of this artistic house

The concrete bases are quite solid and give a specific character of the house

The solid gray concrete bases give a house specific character

One of the terraces a bit hidden from the residence

view to terraces house atiste little hidden from the residence

Overview of the interior and its simple and elegant style

Interior preview and its simple and elegant style minimalist design

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