Associate the colors in the bathroom with taste

associate bathroom colors purple pink mirror design

Associate colors in the best possible way is an interesting task because it is strongly linked to the belief that each color has its own energy.

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You certainly have a favorite color, but do you know why? Each color has a meaning in itself. Red, orange and yellow are called warm colors, while the green and blue are cold. Orange and yellow are bright and invigorating, while blue is relaxing. In a room at least two or three colors of different shades are mixed. It is important to associate them well. To give you some examples of how to achieve a successful color association, check out our gallery of bathroom examples.

Associate the colors: gray and red for elegant bathroom

associate colors bathroom red gray bathtub

A bathroom in black and white is always elegant. In addition, these two colors marry beautifully with all the colors. The example below is a perfect illustration of harmonious color matching. The blue frame of the mirror and the golden elements make this interior a luxurious place.

Elegant color harmony

associate colors bathroom design black white blue deco flowers

Between red and pink, this pastel color contrasts nicely with the furniture and the window in white. The black and white patterned sofa and cushions add a touch of originality to this modern interior. The vegetal decoration is a perfect way to add a touch of freshness to this urban interior.

Associate the colors: pink, white and black

associate the colors in the bathroom pink gray idea

A bathroom in black and white allows a rich color decoration

associate colors bathroom black white yellow deco wall

Bathroom in red, gray and white with two mirrors

associate bathroom colors gray red mirror wooden bench

Bathroom in soft colors

bathroom modern design bathtub idea

Beautiful bathroom decoration and original mirror

color association bathroom blue black white mirror

Pink bathroom with black and white accents

bathroom pink black white design accord colors

Original bathroom decoration

bathroom associate color deco table

The blue shades of this bathroom contrast wonderfully with the wood

associate bathroom colors blue wood brown

Sweetness: harmony between blue and white

associate colors bathroom bath tub white blue furniture

Bathroom in coffee color

associate colors bathroom brown bathtub wooden furniture

Saffron yellow contrasting nicely with white and black

associate colors bathroom design yellow toilets black white

color association idea bathroom tiling bathroom furniture wood tub shower cabin

idea color bathroom bathtub white window design

harmony colors association furniture bathroom wood stool white mirror

color bathroom idea decorations flowers floor mats mirror

associate colors bathroom white blue idea layout lamp

associate colors harmony bathroom black white

bathroom wallpaper idea color

bathroom design associate pink red brown colors

associate bathroom colors light blue white

italian shower associate colors bathroom white green tree

color bathroom pink furniture wood toilet curtain pattern ripe deco table

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