Association of colors: 25 examples of interior decoration

deco paint salon color association

In the interior decoration, the color association often poses difficulties. This article offers ideas for associating colors easily. The 25 examples that you will find below come from two design houses decorated by Ukrainian designer Juliya Butova, who has been working in interior design since 2009.

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Association of colors and decorative ideas for open kitchen

assorted colors open kitchen kitchens paint

Young, creative and dynamic, Juliya Butova has won several interior design competitions and has completed more than 80 projects in this field. With the experience she has gained, during the years, following her work, she has been able to decorate these two houses in a way as pretty as it is beautiful. Indeed, in these two interiors, she applies a simple and very effective strategy of color association.

Association of colors and idea of ​​painting for living room

to associate the colors idee déco fairs

This strategy is based on the use of pastel colors or soft shades as the basis of the painting. Once this base was laid, the young designer added more vivid colors to give more character to the different spaces. The effect is a perfect color harmony that can be achieved in any room of the house: the kitchen, through the living room, the dining room, the hallways, the bathroom, to finish with the adult rooms and those for children.

Bedroom painting and color association by Juliya Butova

bedroom deco paint associate complementary color

To highlight the basic colors, Juliya Butova used different methods. In some cases, she favored accents in red and yellow with accessories like chairs or cushions. In other cases, she transformed the space by adding an accent by means of the mural. This technique is used for part of the wall of a living room or for an entire wall in an entrance. In the parental rooms , the designer played with the colors of the bedding, while in the children's rooms, she opted for carpets, curtains and wallpapers that complement the decor of the rooms.

Deco painting for children's room

ideas painting rooms girl color

Idea for color association in the entrance

paint decoration combine the colors

Decorative painting and idea for color association in a girl's room

ideas painting deco color association rooms

Idea master bedroom and color association

painting parental rooms color association

Painting of room and association of neutral and bright colors

painting of rooms association of bright neutral colors

Child's bedroom painting and color association idea

rooms kids ideas painting and color association

idea painting bright rooms and associate colors

associate colors bedrooms painting

bedroom decor idea associate colors accent paint

ideas painting room child colors

deco idea corridor color association

bedroom girl painting color harmony

deco living room paint associate color

wall decoration bedroom child harmonies colors

associate colors pink children's rooms

harmony of colors bathroom deco

color harmony accent paint

paint neutral color salons match the colors

kitchens with living room color dining room painting

match the colors idea deco wood entrance

color living room decoration ideas

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