Baby Cot Sky - 25 Deco Idea for the Baby Room

bed sky baby girl

The baby bed is the centerpiece of every baby room. But if you want to make a unique decor, opt for a piece of furniture with sky of crib . The sky of crib is an accessory that can be found in a multitude of styles and designs.

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The bed with bed canopy is the equivalent of the baby canopy bed and it is really adorable. In this article, we will give you some original ideas as well as some tips on how to make a fairy tale decoration in the baby room.

Baby bed sky in decorated pink fabric

baby bed sky pink fabric

If you have already bought a regular bed with four feet for your baby, you have multiple options for the cot sky that you will choose. If you want to create a girl's decor, then opt for a delicate and transparent fabric. You can even decorate it with accessories like toys or light garlands. For a girl, pastel colors like pink, purple and even blue are the best choice.

Baby bed sky on wooden bed

baby cot sky deco

Sometimes the bed sky comes more as an accessory and really does not have a practical function in the baby room. It is a perfect design for a traditional or romantic decorative baby room with decorated or decorated furniture. You can even tie the bedstead to the wall so that it does not touch your baby's bed. In this case, the bed will really have a purely decorative function. And even if the baby room is with a simple or minimalist decor, adding a bed of heaven you will create a magical place for your baby. Here are some deco ideas in pictures:

Baby girl bed sky in pink

pink baby bed sky

Baby girl room decoration

deco room baby girl pink

Baby room decorating idea in pastel colors

baby bed sky decoration bedroom

Baby bed of original design

sky bed baby room

Baby room decorated in pink

bed sky baby girl

Baby boy room with original decoration

blue baby boy room

Baby room decoration with canopy bed

baby bed sky idea

Canopy baby bed in a modern baby room

modern baby bed sky

original baby bed sky

baby girl bed sky

deco baby bed canopy bed

modern baby room deco

decoration baby room canopy bed

baby room deco idea

idea deco room baby girl

canopy bed baby room

canopy bed baby yellow

baby bed canopy blue

baby bed canopy car shape

original design baby bed sky

baby bed canopy rollers

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